We’re back.

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Bloomington natives everywhere have taken cover. The college kids have returned. But welcome week is over, school is kicking in, and everything is returning to the lack of normal that can only happen when 40,000 18-22 year olds descend on a small Indiana town.

It’s the start of my second season with the IU Lacrosse team. This is the year where I get to come back and act like one of the cool kids (keyword “act”). You know, where I get to be one of the “returners” and yuck it up while all the freshmen walk in cautiously and silently. It’s like a rite of passage each year with each new class coming in.

That lasted all of about 10 minutes. We’re through three practices now, and the team is already coming together as a single unit. I tweeted last week about how the new guys aren’t playing timid. They came in and you can tell they’ve already bought in.

Our schedule isn’t finalized, but we do know that we will be testing how far we can take this team. I’m not going to lie, the guys are psyched.

It’s a new season. New team.

Expect the team related content to ramp up as fall ball does. We’re also going to have a lot more lacrosse general content this year on the blog… starting later this week. Don’t forget about the WHOosiers series either, that will run throughout the season. It’s about time you all meet some of these clowns.

Stay Hungry, Stay Tuned.


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