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Funny Or Die

If you haven’t seen Funny or Die presents on HBO then you are really missing out. It features short movies and series written by people featured on the website. I find myself laughing at all of them. Last season was awesome to say the least. You could tell that Will Ferrell and Adam McKay had strong influences on the shorts. It created enough of a following that they got a second season out of it. The second season has taken a different approach, which I think will lose some people. But if you have a dark, dry sense of humor like Helfrich, Redish, and myself, you’ll probably love it also. My friend Mitchell here has one of the best series that’s called “Welcome to my Study”. It is incredibly awkward and amazing.

I was inspired by this so I’ll start off by doing my own version. While my study doesn’t really have drawers because it’s a desk, I’ll show you some things I found on it by placing them on the only drawer like feature of my “study”, the keyboard slide-out mechanism.

So let’s see what I have found in my study drawers…

Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo

A wind up toy that my advisor gave me last year because my last name is Shagi. What a sweetheart.

So let’s see what else is in my study drawers…

Self-Stirring Coffee Mug


It’s a mug that will stir your hot chocolate or coffee for you when you press the button.

That was something. What else is inside my study drawers?



My mom pays them.

Spring Break

Four lax rats took a trip down to South Padre for spring break. President Will McClain, the People’s Champ Sam Sudakoff, Jeff Redish, and myself packed into Mr. McClain’s car and headed down to Texas. Padre was total MTV spring break so there isn’t much to talk about. If you have the option, I might tell you not to go. Yeah it was fun for about 2 days but it get’s old very quickly. Not to mention, it’s probably the trashiest place these eyes have ever seen. For me, the best part of the trip was getting to South Padre Island because we stopped in some great places. We drove for 7 hours and set up shop in Tennessee for the night. Memphis was a cool city and it was really laid back. Great food, friendly people, and easy to get around. After another 7 hour day we found ourselves in Dallas on the doorstep of the Redish family. Jeff’s family are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Mrs. Redish made us an incredible home cooked meal, tri-tip beef tacos. Jeff has been ranting and raving about these since Thanksgiving break and they did not disappoint. We went out in Dallas Saturday night and it just might be my new favorite city; New York will always be my favorite but it doesn’t need to be on a list. Dr. Redish Hooked us up with some ridiculous seats for the Stars game that Sunday. The hosted the Kings inside the beautiful American Airlines Center in what was a huge late season game. If you pay attention to the NHL, you know that the with the exception of Vancouver, the Western Conference is in a ridiculously tight race. The Kings prevailed however, sorry Jeff. Still was an amazing game. Dallas tied it with 40 seconds left which got everyone on their feet only to give up a goal to Michal Handzus off of a phenomenal pass from behind the net. Handzus is a massive individual, no one is going to push him out of the middle.

Dallas Stars

The Jumbotron

Dallas Stars

Ridiculous Seats

The Redish boys seem to have a knack for catching stray objects from the area of play. Last year Jeff somehow managed to catch a ball that a punter whiffed from the sidelines at a Colts game. At the Star’s game, Jeff’s little brother Matt snagged a puck that flew over the net during warm-ups. Impressive.



I can’t thank the Redish family enough for the hospitality.

We then made a 3 and a half hour trek to Austin, another great city, to spend a night at UT.

You said Austin!

Jeff’s high school friend let us spend the night at the Fiji house, which was practically empty because they were on spring break. The house had great character. Highlights included some stuffed animal heads on the wall. And then I came across this beauty.


A very dirty polar bear

That’s right, it’s a freakin’ stuffed POLAR BEAR. Pretty sure they’re on the endangered species list. Where the hell do you acquire such a majestic piece of furniture? It stood in the corner, intimidating all who entered the room. What was even more intimidating was the fact that its face had been ripped off. What is he thinking? Will he strike? You can’t tell because his missing face does not reveal emotion. Faceless, he remained in his den; waiting for the day to pounce on the man who shot him down in the Texas tundra. Need to get me one of those for my future home. We went downtown that night. It happened to be the first day of South by Southwest. Which means that we wouldn’t be seeing any of the headlining performers and we would have the pleasure of mingling with hipsters. To give you an idea of the vibe that night, there were people playing board games and working on laptops in the middle of the bar. I thought that’s what Starbucks was for.


The Owl Building in downtown Austin helps keep Austin "weird"

After this trip I won’t be taking any road trips that are not lacrosse related for another 10-15 years minimum. But I digress.

Oh yeah, you wanted to hear about lacrosse

We’ve had two practices and one more left before we go to Memphis to take on Tennessee, Texas A&M, and UCONN. We get to play at the Memphis University School, which is sure to be an awesome venue. Another reason why it should be a great weekend is because it is the Volunteer Invitational. As Coach mentioned in January, the MCLA games will headline a weekend that includes high school teams as well. From what we heard about last year, there should be a much larger crowd than we’re used to and I know everyone will be excited to play in front of a lot of people. Also, I believe all of the games will be streaming online, so you can watch your new favorite team, the Hoosiers, and some other great MCLA teams playing all weekend long. It should help Grow the Game in that area as well as provide the coaches some recruiting opportunities during their down time. Sounds like a good deal to me.

It’s nice to finally have 2 hour practices again. It’s easy to see that we get a lot more done. Additionally, we had 2 of our best practices all year including fall ball. The defense has been getting better every day and it’s evident because the young guys and people who switched to D are understanding where they have to be. Understanding where to be allows them to make plays and feel comfortable about trying to take the ball away. They are feeling less pressure and I have bruises to prove it. During practice I hate taking shots on the arm but having to roll away to move the ball now is reassuring because I know they are getting it now. They know they can do it when it’s game time.

Familiar Faces

Being one of the few people to have meandered to the Midwest to continue their education doesn’t give me many chances to play against friends or former opponents from my high school days. Actually I’ve never played against someone I knew since being at Indiana. But I finally get to see some familiar faces when we play UCONN on Saturday. Two of my good buddies are on the team, Dom Fusco and Jon Sherman. Fusco plays close and Sherman is a goalie who transferred from D3 Springfield. They’re both really good players and I’m excited to see them. Also, their head coach is Jon Lombardi who was a senior when I was a freshman. He played defense at Manhattan and was a great player. He also was my 6th grade rec basketball coach so I’m just as excited to see him.

So again I’ve left you guys with another two-week recap after taking a week off. I missed you too.

New Bologna

This track is some new business produced by Kanye. I’m all for the old Kanye beats with heavy samples like he used to make. So if you liked College Dropout you’ll probably like this. Happy Wednesday.

Touch It- Pusha T feat. Kanye West


Ridiculous is spelt using an “i” and always will be

Rangers are on a 5 game winning streak, so much better than the end of last season

Apparently the Knicks are sliding, I wasn’t expecting an NBA Finals appearance this season anyway, they’ll still make the playoffs

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