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Late night LaxRoads. How fun.

Today the bed was not left until 3:45 pm. Glorious feeling that is. College is a great time when you can manage your work to the point where you can sleep until whenever you want on a lazy Sunday. We were off this weekend after a tough two games last weekend and a hard week of practice. Legs are starting to come back.

Weekend Scores

Nothing is more entertaining than watching CollegeLAX report scores on Twitter. Betting on games would be near impossible, you truly never know what’s going to happen. Oregon loses their first two games to lesser opponents, then nearly drops the indestructible Wolverines. Tennessee has had a very interesting year thus far. With losses to Clemson and FSU, they were able to bounce back today to beat a very decent Florida squad. Excited to play them in a few weeks. Vanderbilt has also been interesting beating Kentucky by 1 then putting up a fight against Virginia Tech, not sure if it was close the whole time or if there was a run at the end with Va. Tech’s subs in, either way 3 goals is not a lot. Anything can happen on any given day. Life in the MCLA.

IU Ball

At this point in the world, not really minding Global Warming. 60 degrees today in Bloomington felt great, even though there were some light mists every now and then. It dawned on me, however, that when the IU basketball team leaves Bloomington, the weather becomes enjoyable. When they are here it quickly changes back to snow/freezing rain/cold temperatures. If they just stayed in Columbus for an extra few days that would probably be for the best. Can’t stand watching the slowest player on Earth:

Indiana Basketball

Pitiful. The new recruiting class can’t come soon enough. In the meantime, I’ll just find solace in laughing at Verdell’s inability.

Speaking of Basketball…

Mel Kiper’s Best Available

Let’s talk about a good team Bloomington has to offer. Indiana basketball is big, but intramural basketball is bigger. Mel Kiper’s Best Available had the second round playoff game tonight at 8 pm. Our team had an undefeated regular season (3-0) and cruised to a 30 point victory in our first playoff game. The team features a slew of athletes, though we lost a key contributor in James Brewer to the NFL Draft. Key players include: Myself (lacrosse), Drew Dawson (IM extraordinaire), Matt Ernest (football, baseball), Mitch Evans (football), Adam Replogle (football), and Greg Heban (football). Coaches: Tyler Replogle and Max Dedmond. Due to injuries our coaches could’t participate as players, however they provide moral support and yell a lot. Assembly Hall is our goal. Some Pictures of the team (the HPER lighting isn’t ideal):

The scene at the HPER.


Pregame strategy utilizing a useless apple app.

Terrible shoes in the game before ours (all baby blue Jordans. Material looked suede. Quite unattractive.)

Our jerseys. Special ordered in August just so they could arrive the day before our first game. Very expensive. Style isn’t easy.

Coaches (from left to right) Max Dedmond and Tyler Replogle. Very important for our team’s structure and composure during games. Style ranking: second to none.

Tyler Replogle

In-game action. Adam Replogle (left) coming around a pick to dominate the post.

After a slow start in the first half tonight, we picked up the intensity in the second to cruise to a 15 point victory. Third round of the playoffs next.

Next Game: Tuesday, 8 pm.

Mau5 + NES

Two passions of mine combined into one video. Heart skipped a few beats.

Waste of time? I think not.

Another week of school before Friday’s game against Ball State and Saturday’s banquet.

Parents coming into town. Hello Walmart.

Oscars are tonight? Uninterested.

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