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Krieg Shaw recently posted a pretty cool Simon Fraser Highlight video over at MCLA FAN. The video is very well produced and interesting to watch. It reminded me of the old Tufts highlight I have watched a number of times. Interested to know if SFU has seen it as well, as it has a sort of similar feel to it. Especially with Explosions in the Sky being featured. Indulge.

Pretty cool stuff.

How do you think the Jumbos chose their mascot? Something like this?

What should our mascot be? I don’t know, something no one else is. How about…the Jumbos. Uhhh, why? Why not? ….. Touché.

Answering questions with questions. It’s a hobby of mine.


Kyle from the youtube account GoodNeighborStuff is one of my favorite characters ever. Perhaps you’ve seen the Lakers videos. But the Movies ones are just as funny. They just released the Guitars flick 3 days ago.

So awkward. So ingenious. So hilarious.

It is strongly advised that you go to their youtube account and watch as much as you can.

The Carter IV

Lil Wayne, Tha Carter IV

releases May 16th. yup.

I love memes.

Go watch a video 412 posted of a St. Charles D Pole. GBN is featured.

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