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Editor’s note: Zach Trefzger of LacrosseRoads of America provides us with his first post.


My name isn’t HOV. Too literal of an effort by myself on the introductory paragraph in Cap’n Dan’s first post on Monday afternoon. And yes, I understand it’s Wednesday, but I will normally be posting on Tuesdays, hence the title.

When Daniel asked me to provide him with a few sentence bio, I did too much listening and not enough thinking, and simply introduced myself. Sorry for the lack of flare, but I’m not really that sorry. My co-bloggers and teammates took it in a different direction…

Hey, I love Avril Lavigne’s art as much as the next guy, I just didn’t know Petey Moore loved it that much.

Cap’n Dan likes clementines.

Michael Shagi saying he’s the best dressed guy on the team? Well that’s just true.

Manderson is a hunter/ gatherer? I’m pretty sure that’s the least ridiculous thing he’s ever written. Prepare yourselves.

I contemplated doing another bio (hilarious one liner’s included) to introduce myself to the reading public, but I’ll just let my posts talk for me.

Alexander Ovechkin, Washington Capitals

3 Step Process

We’re all really excited about this blog and the opportunity to get IU Lacrosse “out there,” especially from the players’ perspective. We spent countless hours in Manderson’s living room coming up with this blog and the time is finally here. A sneak peek into the creative development meeting:

Mike Shagi, America

This is stage 3 of our flawless marketing plan, the 2nd stage that we actually completed on purpose.

Stage 1: Get on College Gameday next to Kirk Herbstreit’s funny little chin

Kirk Herbstreit, Indiana, Hoosiers

Check.  (Cap’n Dan holding up the sign)

Stage 2: Get on Big Ten Network after IUBB’s first win over a top 25 team in 3 years.

Indiana, Hoosiers, Basketball

Check. (That is a former IU Lax player sporting the current practice jersey, so still a check.)

And this blog is, of course, Stage 3.

Practice Recap

We had a great practice last night at the John Cougar Pavilion. Jeff Redish, Michael Shagi, RC Aikens and myself had to make the short trek in the beginnings of a serious looking ice storm.

The Hall being Iced.

Assembly Hall

We started off with our usual line drills, worked our way into some box passing, Syracuse stick work (many of you have seen on 412) and some nice shooting on the run drills.

We worked on 6v6 for the rest of practice, with some highs and lows. Both the offense and defense have things to work on and we all know that we can keep getting better. With every practice we’ve been improving and working on things that we noticed can get better in the previous practice. The season is only a few weeks old, but everything is starting to take shape and we’ll be ready to go for our season opener Feb. 18th at VaTech.

Breaking News at the John Cougar Pavilion

At the conclusion of practice, Coach Tumbas had a tiny little surprise for us. And no, it wasn’t the full field gassers we had to run. It was what was waiting for us in the hallway upon the completion of those gassers. You’ve seen our White Silo II Gloves on Coach Tumbas’ 412 blog. Now we have King III’s. Read about it Here.

(Special credit to LRA blogger Michael Shagi for the excellent Crab themed sheets.)

Indiana, Hoosiers, Gloves

Home and Away Gloves. Thanks for hooking it up Coach T.

We couldn’t have asked for a better surprise waiting for us in the John Cougar Lobby. With the new shorts Coach Tumbas posted yesterday and these new lovely gloves, it’s gonna be a good looking IU Lacrosse Team this spring. We also have something to keep our hands warm during the impending doom of our dear Midwestern home…

Bloomington SnowIceWindpocalypse

From the warning for Monroe County, Indiana:

Bloomington, Indiana

So Basically:

And then freeze, and then be really windy, and freeze more and then the power will go out.

Today is the day before the day after tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll have some photo evidence if we make it out alive.

Now some Fun Stuff

Chocolate Stanley Cup

chocolate stanley cup

Yum. But I’d still take the real one. You hear that Bruce?

Bruce Bourdeau

Wipe your face, big guy. Did you know that you could eat all the chicken wings and Haagen-Dazs you want out of that Cup when you win it? Don’t fail me now. Again.

Deciding to root for the Green Bay Packers in the big game.

“Maybe the bears can probably win next year?”


“Well your probably right”

My team beat them both this year. And we had this guy.

Rex Grossman

He’s my quarterback now.  Unleash the Dragon, Rex.

Thanks for reading everybody. I’m thrilled to start blogging every week and give you cherished readers an inside look at everything IU Lax, and a little of everything else. Look out for tomorrow’s post from another distinguished IU Lacrosse player and make sure to check out IU Lacrosse on Facebook and Twitter. Follow me on Twitter here.

See ya next Tuesday.

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