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Tref’s Tuesdays Tech Trip Photoblog

3 - Published February 22, 2011 by in Games/Practice, Videos

Charlie Sheen

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Really interesting weekend in the Mid-Atlantic region. Games against Virginia Tech and Wake Forest. 9 hour bus rides. Gas Stations. Truck Stops. Hardees. Driving through the states of Kentucky and West Virginia. 65 degree weather in February. Weird, Wild Stuff.

Not my first IU Lacrosse road trip, but they’re all different. It was the first road trip for almost half our team. Steppin’ up to the big leagues. (Does the opening picture make sense now?)

There’s isn’t a whole lot I can say about this weekend that hasn’t been already said by the coaches or any of the players. So take a look at my collection of images from a wild weekend:

IU Lacrosse

The bus showed up 2 hours late. Senior captain Dan Helfrich busts out the pigskin at sunrise.

A view from the seat of #19 Goalie RC Aikens.

Remember the Osh Kosh B’Gosh Patagonia sweater that Ocho Manderson hated? This one belongs to Freshman Midfielder Andrew Hylant. One of the few lucky rookies with his own seat.

The sun attempts to shine over Charleston, WV. Dreariness at its peak.

Game Time

The following pictures were taken by my dad, who was kind enough to take the drive down to Blacksburg, VA from Rockville, MD along with the rest of my family.

Virginia Tech, Indiana

Opening Face (I think)

Virginia Tech, Indiana

Defensive huddle.

Virginia Tech, Indiana

Yeah that’s me on the right. Not one of my prouder moments. 1 minute for slashing. Great job by the man-down defense for killing the 6 on 4. I don’t think I’ve ever shared the penalty box with my goalie though. What an exciting minute spent with #20 Peter Moore.

Wake Forest

Wake Forest, Indiana

Private school status.

Wake Forest, Indiana

Ocho Manderson with a little pregame warm-up action.

Wake Forest, Indiana

Coach DeMars and Coach Garvey. Pre-game chat. Looking comfortable on that carpet.

Wake Forest, Indiana

Pre-Game Lineup. Pristine Carpeting. Astroturf with extra Astro. If I never have to play on that again, I’ll be just fine.

Wake Forest, Indiana

Wake Opening Face. Everyone looking kind of awkward on the turf. I don’t own turf shoes. Few do. Can’t wait to practice on field turf again.

Wake Forest, Indiana

#16 Dan Helfrich with 1 of his 4 goals on the afternoon. Top shelf. Where the cookies are. Here is a video of that same goal shot by a flip and a dad.

Wake Forest, Indiana

#12 Cameron Long with a timely two-slide. Peter Moore on his way to hugging the post.

Lots of great pictures. Thanks Dad.

Back to practice this week. Adjustments to be made. Fixing mental mistakes. Getting our sticks better. Virginia Tech and Wake Forest will be probably be one of our tougher weekends this season, but there won’t be another 2-loss trip this year.

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The season is still young, lots of games to be played. Next one is March 4th vs. Ball State.


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