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You can look forward to lots of wonderful imagery in this weeks post.

Wisco Disco

We headed up to the great white north for a 3 game trip against Marquette, Wisconsin and Mankato State. Lots of fun things to see on the way to this oft-overlooked area of ‘Merica.

Windmills, for example

Sorry Conbro, Boom Town is actually in Grant County, IN

US Cellular Field, Home of the only baseball team in Chicago worth mentioning

Miller Park, Home of the mighty Brewers

The next picture needs a bit of an intro. We stopped at a mall in Northwest, Indiana (home to many fake Chicagoans) for a bite to eat. Some got Potbellys, Panera, etc… I ventured into the mall to see what “the region” had to offer. I found this:

A Hurricane Simulator. Essentially a hurricane wrapped in a phonebooth. Wait what? A HURRICANE Simulator? I’ve experienced a hurricane or two back in my middle school days, and I don’t remember it looking anything like this.

Only 2 Dollars too. How much is a Tsunami simulator? Earthquake Simulator? Surely this isn’t what people do for fun in “the region.” Lets hope. I think I have a hope simulator in my basement. You stay classy Northwest Indiana.

Lax Pics!

Freshman Kevin Moriarty

Marquette attackman going BTB. Junior Jeff Redish on the check, Sophomore Peter Moore with the save

Freshman Ryan Ashton

Junior James Maher

Junior Zach Trefzger, shameless self promotion

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Extras (Still not calling it a “Notes” section)

Brandon Dubinsky’s mustache haunts my dreams. That thing puts Mike Ditka, Ron Jeremy and Rollie Fingers to shame. Hopefully no more Jedi-mustache tricks to score game winning goals.

Don’t care about the NBA. But I am a Kevin Durant fan. Graduate of the Montrose Christian School. ROCKVILLE, MD. The Durantula lives

Probably a rainy practice tonight to prepare for Miami. Big preparations this week. Conference games galore in the next 2 weeks. Biggest 2 weeks of the entire season.

Oh yeah, and we beat Purdue.


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