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First Things First

#IULax had another rough weekend on the road as we lost to Illinois State and Illinois. The offense wasn’t clicking, the defense wasn’t sliding and yet again we made more unforced errors. There’s a lot of places on the field where we need to be better. The only thing keeping us relatively competitive in games so far this season has been the play of our two outstanding goalies, #20 Peter Moore and #19 RC Aikens. Without them, things could be much, much worse. They’ve bailed us out many a time and they deserve even more credit then I’m giving them now. Keep up the good work gents.

That School in Indianapolis

Last night was the moment we were all waiting for. Waiting for about a day, I guess. It was a national championship story line we had never seen before (since last year). One of the best teams of the last 15 years and a rising powerhouse (UKemba)  vs. uh, Butler again. Really Butler? How Butler has made it to the last two championship games is a conversation that could go on for weeks, but we’ll just focus on the fact that those poor doggies lost it again. Shed a tear for the Bulldogs tonight. Or don’t, whatever its your life.

Who were we rooting for?

Butler, for two reasons. Jim Calhoun winning a national championship puts him level with this man:

I know Bobby, Jim Calhoun has 3 national championships too. But if Calhoun is as shady as Calipari is, which there is a 99.46% chance of that being so, then one of those fingers will be going down.

The other reason we were rooting for Butler? Note the main picture. Who couldn’t jump on board with this fella:

That dog got a standing ovation at a Pacers game I went to during the Final Four last year. I REPEAT, A DOG GOT A STANDING OVATION AT A PACERS GAME. What do those fans care about more, canines or Danny Granger? Not the latter, thats for sure.

Why UKemba doesn’t have a live Husky on the sideline is baffling. Nike must not make dog jerseys bigger than this one. For shame.

If a Hoosier was some form of wildlife, I would expect IU to have it on the sidelines at every sporting event, including lacrosse.


After a few weekends of games, you begin to learn a few things about your team. One thing I’ve noticed about this team is some of the nicknames certain players have acquired over the past weeks. Sure every team dolls out these unofficial names to certain players. But I’d like to take a moment to review some of IU Lax’s best.


You may know him for his role on this blog, absolutely killing it on Fridays. But to us, he’s Manderson. Derived from the first letter of his first name and the entirety of his last name (creative I know), #8 Manderson has played attack at IU for the last three seasons. No need for any more of a bio, just read what he has to say on Fridays and you’ll learn all you need to know, and then some.


By far the best nickname on the team. He has the given name, Zach Alexander. But last season, former senior captain Matt Homa took a liking to the then-freshman Bambz. Where’s the name come from you ask? Zach’s running strides resemble the grace and beauty of the furry Disney star. Nothing can even compare.

Needless to say, Bambi’s name results in countless people yelling, “That wimpy deer?!?!” at many a practice and busride. If I have to tell you what movie that’s from, kindly exit this blog.


Adam “Tornado” Torneo is IU Lax’s lone Bloomington native. #32 earned his name with his play. Imagine the tasmanian devil playing midfield.  Adam rocks a great ‘stache but he didn’t appreciate his other nickname “Adam Morrison.” He’s only a 2 time NBA champ. Wait what?

Also receiving votes: Rashton, Tengles, Bill McClain

Got some good nicknames on your team? Post it up in the comments, lets see some gems.

Wisco Bound

This weekend is our last 3-game trip of the season. We’re headed north to play Marquette, Wisconsin and Minnesota State – Mankato. Last season, we lost a tough game to Wisconsin 10-6 and we also got a chance to see them in last year’s fall ball tournament. I personally don’t know too much about them, except that they were last season’s GRLC Runner-ups. We haven’t played Marquette or MSU Mankato in the last 3 years so it’ll be interesting to get a chance to see a couple new opponents. As a team, we’re excited to put in a good week of practice and go up north and surprise some these teams. We want to right the ship and I have confidence we’ll be able to do it.

Last Few Things (Trying to avoid calling it a “Notes” section)

First Place

Tied for First Place


College Basketball is over. The NFL doesn’t know which way is up. Hockey and Baseball is all we have left.

Don’t care about the NBA. Go Sonics? Are they still a team?

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Good night and Good luck, Be on the lookout for prizes if you were involved in the LRA Bracket!

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