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It was one heck of a weekend on Memphis, TN. We had 3 games in 3 days against Tennessee, UConn and Texas A&M. But you already knew that.

One of the problems arising with this blog is the repetition of content due to the fact we all play on the same team and have very similar experiences during game weekends. I’ll try and tell you some things you don’t know.

Scratch that, I will tell you some things you don’t know. “There is no try, only do.”

Thanks Yoda


The bus arrived on time, which is a seemingly novel concept to our Star of America bus drivers. But it’s cool, good work this weekend bus driver man.

We had an unscheduled pitstop on the side of the road in northern Tennessee around 10am. Apparently our bus decided to take a little break from the long road trip. Buses have feelings too I guess. Luckily, a law officer was strolling by at the time of this unscheduled stop and decided to offer some assistance. 

After about 20 minutes of hanging out in the middle of the road, a tow truck came by and moved our bus to the side of the road, gave the bus a little pep talk and we were back on the road.

Sam Sudakoff was unfazed.

Black Ipod. Black Ipad. Apple products everywhere. Don’t worry his Macbook is murdered out too. Manhattan’s pride and joy, drink it in.

After our long journey we had finally arrived in Memphizzle to some great sights at the Memphis University School. These were top notch facilities, but that’s coming from a public school kid. What do I know.

A better angle here:

Here’s a shot of warmups before the Tennessee game:

Knights Inn What Up

After our game, we ventured over to the Knights Inn near the Memphis airport. How this establishment is allowed to call themselves a hotel baffles my mind in ways I cannot describe. I’ll spare you the photo of the creepy-crawly that was chillin’ in Shagi’s room but I will enlighten you with what was served for breakfast.

Move over Wheaties, there’s a new breakfast of champions.

Can’t have a deliciously nutritious honey bun without something to drink right? The Knights Inn of Memphis wonderfully provided a dark colored, warm liquid that they so eloquently called “coffee.” I believe it was the same liquid that came out of my shower when I turned on the hot water. Recycling at its finest. Even the Knights Inn of Memphis isn’t above going green.

Feel free to read some of the reviews of this establishment on Google. I read these on the bus ride there and spent the last quarter of the trip down to Memphis in a fear induced silence.

Red Sweaters

I was hoping our team sweatshirts for this season would look something like this:

Nobody wore it better. But alas, we were not issued such sweaters.

Our’s look a bit like this:

Notice the evolution of the Adidas logo.

I would assume some matching sweatpants are on the way but with all the gear surprises we’ve been getting, one can never assume.

Jam Sesh

What were we listening to in the back of the bus on the way to Memphis?

This, Duh:

Don’t like Bab’s being featured in this tune? Make your own!


This weekend, the results were not what we wanted whatsoever. We came out flat in all 3 games, gave up soft goals, and made a lot of mental mistakes. All this adds up to a terrible, terrible losing streak. As coach point out to us after the game, it isn’t a motivation problem. We wanted to be there. We wanted to win. We didn’t execute. The things we had been doing right all week in practice leading up to the weekend of games didn’t carry over and it showed up on the scoreboard and in the loss column. Nothing is more deflating then losing a game in overtime and having to endure a 7 hour bus ride thinking about one thing you could have done to prevent that.

The fact of the matter is, we know we’re better then how we played this weekend and we all want to prove it. The hunger is there. The desire is there. We all want to be apart of IU Lacrosse and we all want to achieve our goals put forth by ourselves at the beginning of this season. All that’s left is for us to finally go out and do it.

Notes and Notes and Notes and Notes

Is Tuna Face headed to Mizzou?

Don’t really care because:

The #38 recruit in the nation in the 2012 class, Jeremy Hollowell, committed to IU. Three 5-star recruits in that class, uh oh.

It’s almost playoff time.


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Thanks for reading folks, enjoy your week, I’ll be back next Tuesday.

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