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So much FUN!

What a weekend here in the 812. We got our first win of the season in “Nap-Town” which was followed by a surprisingly exciting and fun indoor, modified boxlax scrimmage.

Ball State Game Recap

I’ve played lacrosse since I was in elementary school. Like many other players, I’ve played in rain, mud, snow, cold, ice, and wind (and sunny days of course). Basically every weather condition there is.

Never in a Hurricane.

Obviously it wasn’t an actual hurricane, because that doesn’t happen in the Midwest as you may recall, but it sure felt like that.

The rain started to come down during pre-game warm-ups, and it didn’t let up until I was safely in my house, 3 hours after the game. Sweet.

Due to the weather conditions, both teams had to make adjustments. We had to be much more careful when moving the ball on offense. No skip passes, shorter outlet passes, closer shots. We definitely had trouble moving the ball during some possessions because the torrential downpour affected everyone’s sticks. We made these adjustments, but we need to be better about sticking to them.

An adjustment means nothing if you aren’t disciplined enough to follow it. Fact.

Defensively, we played very well. Giving up 5 goals in a game where you have to play three different goalies is a very positive note. Peter Moore took a brutal hit to the head on a clearing attempt in the first half and RC Aikens was thrust into the game for the 2nd time in 3 games.

Coming in off the bench as a goalie isn’t easy. That pregame warm-up has most definitely worn off. To make things even more difficult, the torrential downpours made it virtually impossible to see the ball at some points.  To play all three goalies, with minimal warm-ups and these conditions, giving up five goals is a great credit to the adjustments our defense and goalies made during the game. All I gotta say is:

BoxLax Recap

Indoor lacrosse may or may not be more fun then field. Maybe.

It was a great change of pace to get a chance to play indoor ball and really let stick skills take over as a point of focus.  We picked two rookies as captains and they picked teams during our pregame stretching. They did a good job as the teams were relatively even, and the game went back and forth for the full two hours. The game also featured a cameo from one Coach Tumbas:

Note 1: You’ve probably already seen this video if you read Dan’s post this weekend, but appreciating that goal a little more can’t hurt.

Note 2: That was me hopping in goal while RC Aikens took a run on offense. Yeah I got scored on, by a defenseman, so what. But a nice little lefty rip by Chuck there, impressive stuff.

Note 3: I would have worn my Capitals sweater, however fear of doing non-stop wind sprints at the hands of my Penguins fan coach kept that jersey in my closet.

The venue was also very impressive. Little did we know there were indoor turf fields owned by the City of Bloomington just a few miles away? In fact, a few players were even discussing this as a possible practice facility for next season.

It even prompted me to ask our team president if it was too expensive to practice there.

Team Prez, Future Kelley School of Business graduate and all-around successful person Will McClain gave me his typical business school response, “Marginally.”

Never speaking to Will again.

The game was a great time, and the Long Island bagels after the game were an even greater time.

Did you know you could hear waves crashing on Jones Beach every time you bite into a Long Island bagel? Neither did I.

strong island

Look What I Found!

Detroit Mercy Lacrosse

Detroit Mercy Lacrosse

For those of you who don’t know (probably most of you), that is Indiana Lacrosse’s former head coach Matt Karweck in action at University of Detroit-Mercy where he is now an assistant. Looks like somebody got a haircut.

Final Lax-Related Thoughts

Is anyone going to challenge Michigan this year? Saying it right now: they won’t play like they did against Oregon again this season…

Dave Cottle gone= Maryland starting to actually live up to expectations

Steele Stanwick is the best feeder in the country. By a lot.

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See y’all next week. Is it spring break yet?

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