Thoughts on the Season Opener and Helmets

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Game #1 is in the books. We got a good win against a new team in Robert Morris, and we are one step closer to our goal. I want to quickly say good luck to Robert Morris the rest of the season. They had some great athletes and I am looking forward to seeing them grow as a program. Now onto some thoughts from the game.

The Refereeing

Going in I had my theories on how this was going to turn out with all the new rules. I figured both the players and refs would be rusty in figuring out the changes to the game. The biggest difference that popped out to me during the game was the amount of flags. We had 7 penalty minutes just from our attack and midfield. We knew they were cracking down on hits all across the board this year. I noticed it watching a couple Division 1 games, and it held true for us. I’m not sure if it will stay like this through the whole season or not, but I will say the game got a little choppy at times because of all the stopping. That’s not to say I’m mad about it. Player safety is a huge issue and I would never try and downplay that. I simply think that they need to find a balance between protecting the players and remembering it is a collision sport. It’s just going to take time for us to get used to it and I know the first few games will help us do exactly that.

The Game

As far as the actual performance goes, I think we showed a lot of potential for the season. At times it definitely felt like we played with less urgency and pace than we should have. We also need to be more aggressive in transition when we are fighting for ground balls. But I was very happy that we had 9 different goal scorers. A lot of different players made a difference in different ways. For example, middie Dave Haggerty went 100% on faceoffs (9-9), and both of our goalies were above a 65% save percentage. We have depth in the fact that many players can step up in different areas of the game when needed. That will be key for us later in the season. For now we are looking forward to Wabash this Saturday up at Westfield High School.

The Helmets

Have you seen our new helmets on Laxplayground yet? If not head over and check them out. They’re absolute beauties. I haven’t seen another helmet like them around. The matte red is a game changer. The white stripe from front to back all the way through the face mask makes for one special helmet. Coach put his GIF reactions on 4OneTwo so I thought the player reaction was necessary. Plus I’m just a huge fan of the GIF.

Our team reaction when they were unboxed:

soccer fan YES


This was the reaction I got from my friends not on the team:

Reaction gif


Finally, what you feel like when you put one on:

phelps super saiyan


It’s offically the regular season. We have just a few more pieces of gear coming in and this blog will start to have a lot more game specific content. I have a lot of other lacrosse related topics I want to mix in but expect a lot of coverage about the team and our season from here on out. We’ll see you Saturday at Westfield.

P.S. Oladipo is a Monstar. 1UBB.


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