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The Journey To Thailand: Part 2

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The days leading up the the GTG Invitational were filled with sightseeing and practice.

On day 2, I had my first experience practicing with the Thai National Team. The gents who arrived before me had already practiced with the team twice and I was thrilled to have my crack at it. The facilities are pretty cool. It’s a giant outdoor turf field, but it has a roof over it and nets around the sides. So while you get the outside feel, you are fairly well covered.

I was truly impressed with how far along the talent for the Thai squad has come. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting much but was blown away with what I saw. Here’s a little video of practice that night. Note: Jeff Brunelle is wearing an Indiana Pinney.

Connor Wilson and Glenn Morley explaining the defensive drill

At this point in the trip, I was VERY jet lagged and not used to the humidity at all. When you breathe, it feels like you’re breathing in a thick, hot soup. Hard to believe any oxygen got into anyones lungs. Everyone was drenched after practice, and ready to eat and drink gallons of water. We ended up eating across the street at a cool little place.

The complex had these strange decorations in the trees that intrigued me. I took a still picture of them but decided a video would be best to capture what they were. Check it out:

Not really sure what they’re supposed to be. Raindrops? Perhaps they just look cool and aren’t really anything? My theory is it’s casting a shadow…from…the other limb.


The next day we headed to the grand palace. Before getting in, some scam “security guards” told us the Palace didn’t open until 12 and that we should take these Tuk Tuks to other places. We knew what we were getting into, but thought it would be fun to venture out on some Tuk Tuks and see Thailand up close and personal. We saw an enormous buddha! among other sites.

Tuk Tuks are filled with all types of stickers. Thailand, for some reason, loves Liverpool, and when I saw a Liverpool sticker on a tuk tuk, I tuk a picture of it (misspelling = intentional). When I reviewed this picture later, I became aware of the sticker to the left of the LFC one. Still not quite positive what it is for. It kind of scares me.

Stunning, the adventure was. After the sights, we all wanted to go back to the grand palace. So we asked the Tuk Tuk drivers to take us back. They had other plans. If they bring tourists to these suit shops, they get their gas paid for. They wanted to bring us to 5 suit shops! Dave Ogle was having none of that and negotiated it down to 1 stop.

I was very much tempted to buy a suit here.

Thailand, so witty.

We eventually made it back to the Grand Palace and all was well. The magnificent detail on the buildings in the Palace are breathtaking. Some choice photos:

The mini village was so awesome

Mr. Miyagi grooms the trees

Such a cool place.

Saturday Night Electro House Jam

Avicii Remix Armin

Big Life. Big Stage. Big Ten.

Part 3: The GTG Invitational Game coming tomorrow.

Woke up today and was still happy Lebron lost. Not sure where he was going with those comments. No, wait I know. He was rubbing his money in everyone’s face…with no ring.

We are happy our new assistant coach, Pete Nelson, decided to bring his talents to South Indiana.


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  2. Jeff Brunelle June 20, 2011 at 4:14 pm #

    I wore that pinnie at our pre-camp practice this morning (we’re heading to Denver on Thurs). One kid saw it and exclaimed “INDIANA? What the!? Indiana, coach?”… I had to explain to him that Hoosiers play lacrosse too.

    • Helfrich June 20, 2011 at 6:46 pm #

      Haaaaaaaaaaaa, tell him Idaho isn’t exactly a hotbed for lacrosse either! Glad you’re reppin though!

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