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The Journey To Thailand: Part 1

2 - Published June 12, 2011 by in Current Events, Videos

IU lacrosse has been to Thailand and back, and the experience proved once in a lifetime.

To give a brief background for those who don’t know, I was invited by Lacrosse Allstars and Thailand Lacrosse to participate in the first annual Grow the Game Invitational that was aimed towards growing the game of lacrosse in Thailand. The game consisted of American, German, Australian, and Thai players mixing together to play in an exhibition game at Yamaha Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Adventure Before The Adventure

The time leading up to Thailand was very hectic. First, I finished my career at Indiana. Then graduation came. Following that was a rigorous search for an apartment in Atlanta, many craigslist scammers were fended off. Then we were magically whisked away to Baltimore for championship weekend. And finally, the Tuesday following memorial day Monday, the adventure to Thailand began.

Off We Go

I got to O’Hare at 4:30 am Tuesday morning and WAS SO EXCITED TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

7:05 am Take Off to San Francisco. Still SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Land in SF after a 4 hour flight. Losing excitement at this point. Only an hour and a half layover.

11.5 hour flight to Japan.

Still able to keep my spirits up a little bit when I found a free wifi desk in Japan. Peace sign, why not.

4.5 hour layover followed by another 6.5 hour flight to Bangkok. Fully sad at this point.

Arrived in Bangkok at 11:05 pm after 26.5 hours of travelling. So happy to be off the plane and not eating airplane food. I was literally sick to my stomach after eating the 14,300 meals they served.

Bangkok First Night

Alas, I made it to Thailand! As soon as I stepped off the plane, a lady was holding a piece of paper with my name on it. I followed her and proceeded to breeze through a customs line that consisted of just me. We know people. Payu met me at the baggage claim and off we went with Vinnie, Connor, and Dan Willson who had also arrived when I did.

26.5 hours of travelling and hardly any sleep on the plane. Go home and sleep? No. Meet everyone else at a bar/club to hang out. It was a fun time and I was super happy to meet everyone, but by the end I was pretty excited to get some sleep and recharge for the next day. We stayed at Payu’s house while the rest of the gang stayed at the hotel in the city.

Day 1

After a fantastic night’s rest, we took our golf cart from Payu’s guest house, where we stayed, to Payu’s real house. Here is our drive:

Amazing area.  After a meal, we met up with the rest of the GTG crew at the Citadines Hotel. From there we took the train to a shopping mall. This was not your ordinary American mall:

The view from the train reminded me of the El in Chicago

The mall had a ton of levels

Want an iphone? choose any carrier…

Everyone browsing the kiosks, we all dressed the same, TOURISTS!

It’s unbelievable how this works. There are literally hundreds of kiosks that sell the same exact thing, all packed tight next to eachother. Every level of the mall was like that. Insane. Every tactic of differentiation is used.

Glenn and Jeff battled before the train ride back to the hotel.

Let’s look a little closer at the bottom of this picture…

Sometimes the child in you just needs to come out.

The day ended with the task of crossing the street. Short story short, I was almost run over. To my defense, driving in Thailand is opposite that of America. I made it across before everybody else. Dinner was lovely.

The coming Thailand posts will be more lacrosse oriented with a bit of culture mixed in.

Head on over to LAS to see more Thailand coverage.


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