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Take Me Home, Country Roads

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I once heard that “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver wasn’t actually about the State of West Virginia, but about the “Western” part of the State of Virginia. I wasn’t sure if it was factual, so I typed it into Wikipedia like I do everything else, and sure enough there has been some good ole fashioned controversy. The kind of controversy that could dismantle a state government and rattle a state university to its core. Apparently the Shenandoah River and Blue Ridge mountains barely break the border between the two states. Outrage. Might even make you feel like this. It’s a major conspiracy.

Do we chalk this mystery up to Pepe Silvia telling the Mountaineers to play this pre-game at every football game since 1972!? Who did it? Maybe you have mixed emotions.

I wish there was a clip of Frank Reynolds saying “Jesus! Jesus, Frank! Jesus, Frank! Jesus, Frank! Jesus, Frank! Jes—Oh! Jesus, Frank! My life is a lie! My life is a lie! Somebody’s got to get stabbed!”, because I totally would have used that. If someone told me that “Indiana, Our Indiana” was written for Indiana University Pennsylvania I would lose it. My life is a lie.

But thankfully it’s not about them and the past 21 years 3 months and 4 days have been the truth. Or “real” as my friends on the Jersey Shore would say. Just like Ronnie, “keepin’ real is what it’s all about.”

Don’t say you never learn anything from me ladies and gentlemen. Just gave you a music, state, and college tradition history lesson jam packed into one.  Freaked out yet? Have I blown your mind or do you think you can still handle my job?

That’s right, I just quoted Dave Chappelle being the president while being Morgan Freeman at the same time. Talk about depth, talk about precision, talk about mastering the craft of acting. Do I have an appreciation for such skill? “Shagi, what do you know about acting?” I know that I was in the cast of Senior Show in high school and almost made it big if it weren’t for the fact that I had the flu the week of the show. Never missed a sports practice during 4 years of high school. But I can’t stress the pressures of Broadway enough. My closest friends in the show were hounded daily. If you think your state playoffs were tough, try letting down a bunch of thesbians. My ego was shattered. I was supposed to be the Devil in the hit song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”. I let my theater team down. I let one of my best friend’s mom down; she was the producer. They still make me eat dinner outside when I go to their house.

My stage cred was reestablished once they realized I had to go to the hospital. I gave up acting for the rest of my adult life. Too much on the line, I got caught up in the lime light, the fame got to my head. I still wake up screaming and sweating in the middle of the night wondering what could have been. The silver lining to this story is that I was so bored while I was home that week, I finished a book that had to be read for class and did all the assignments. Thank you for saving me Gatsby. Never fully read another book in American Lit that semester. Never actually read a full book before then either.

What the hell does West Virginia have to do with any of this?

Oh yeah sorry chief, back to this.

New gear out of the West Virginia camp courtesy of their President and one of my long time best friends Robert “Bobby Light” Mills. Look out for an interview with this stud next Wednesday. Lights out, lights out.

bobby light

Here are some visual treats… if you like lacrosse equipment.

west virginia

Those K18’s are so lush. Glad to see that white wasn’t the feature color on these bad boys. Love the number on the cuff, always classy.

west virginia

Bobby busted these shorts out in the gym during winter break. Best feature is definitely the inserts down the side. I’ve seen plenty of plaid, argyle, madras, checkerboard, and basically any type of shape or style someone can incorporate into lacrosse shorts. We even bit the candy stripes from the basketball warm up pants. Never saw anyone else use horizontal stripes that was just the inserts. This may be a first, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Practice shorts are a great way to be creative and these are clean.

west virginia

This year the Mountaineers went with a bigger logo and dropped the Pro7 visor decal they had last year. Huge improvement seeing as the decals were a different shade of old gold than the chin piece. These things happen from time to time because every manufacturer has their own shade of a color. We’ve been down that road often in Bloomington because everyone has a different version of “Crimson”.

west virginia

Three different colored Dri-fits. You can see in the gold one that each of the shirts has a number in the center of the upper back area.

Good things coming out of Morgantown. I plan on stealing something this summer. Hopefully a gold Dri-fit and a left glove. Thanks for the pictures Millsy.

One more practice left before we embark on our journey back to the Beast Coast. Practice should be a nice situational run-through. Excited about playing a team like Virginia Tech first game of the season. We have a ton of freshman this year and they’re going to be learning on the fly against a very, very good veteran squad. Then we travel down to Wake Forest for our second match up. Like 8 hour bus rides? Neither do I, but I do like watching Heavy Weights and that will more than likely be played on the luxurious 9 inch screens.

One time we had satellite t.v. on the bus for fall ball last year, I had a mild stroke.

Hop on the trolley.

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I almost forgot your Wednesday jam. Grand Hustle Kings ft. Young Dro & T.I.- B.o.B

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