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Wilton Lacrosse

Some goods out of Connecticut and the Purdue game.

Welcome to the Jungle. I felt like saying that because I can hear it playing in Redish’s room across the hall. Hopefully Evan Williams Field will be a jungle. It’s Little 5 week, so the chances of a Jumanji type situation evolving at our home field is very possible when the fact that Purdue will be here today is taken into consideration.

We’re finally at home. Wearing whites in Indianapolis does not count as “home”. This game is a must win for us and we need to start heading in the right direction. I’m 1-1 against Purdue in my college years. Both games were won by the home team. Did I mention Lil Wayne performed in Assembly Hall last night? Did I mention he agreed to PERFORM AT HALFTIME OF OUR GAME!!!!!

Because he didn’t agree to that, so I didn’t mention it.

Lacrosse Paraphernalia From My High School

High School lax has been slowly starting in the state of Connecticut. We start a little later up there, probably because no one likes to play when snow is on the ground. Wilton is 2-0 this season and are looking to challenge Darien for the top spot, along with everybody and their mother. 21 state championships and 13 conference titles don’t sound as cool anymore when you haven’t won one since 2004. Trust me, I know how it feels. I’ll be pulling for them again this season as Coach Wiseman and the boys continue their quest to put Wilton back on top.

They’ve reached the Championship game in his first 2 seasons as head coach but haven’t brought home the bacon, as the great Peter Kohn once said. Peter Kohn was once Middlebury’s unofficial mascot and manager. If you haven’t done so, I encourage you to read up on him and to watch the documentary, which you can find in that link. If you care about lacrosse at all, that’s a story you need to know about.

Now on to some pictures.

Wilton Lacrosse

Checkerboard pattern making an appearance for the third straight season

Wilton Lacrosse

Shooters, lower backside says "Pride" and "None By One" on the neck to remember what all the one goal losses last season felt like

Wilton Lacrosse

From the depths of my closet

Wilton Lacrosse

Practice shorts

Mac Daddy 2's

I love the all white glove when appropriate. Do you know why? Because Wilton was the first team I know of to do it. Try to argue with me about it, because you’ll probably lose. The Varsity Team did it back in ’03 with custom all white Brine X Factor Gel 2 gloves with a navy blue number on the cuff. Then everyone else in the state started to do whether white was one of their main colors or not. It’s great to be the original. These are also very clean, great to see the trend continuing.

Little 500 Is In Full Effect

One concert down, three more to go. You bet your sweet buns I’ll be at Pretty Lights. Sorry Gucci, I don’t mean any disrespect, but I have no desire to go to that show. Should I go to Wiz Khalifa? Literally one of the biggest factors holding me back from this is that I really don’t want to hear Black and Yellow. If the world didn’t make me take that song out behind my house in the form of Old Yeller and shoot it, I might have considered making an appearance. If you didn’t understand that reference I was trying to say that everyone, including myself, killed that song, and I have no inclination to go hear it live even though I do enjoy many other songs that he has made.

Lance Armstrong once said that this is the Greatest College Weekend. He was only talking about the Bike Race. In case everyone forgot, there is a race this Saturday, the reason for all of these other extracurricular activities for occurring. I went to the race freshman year. I’ll go this year, weather permitting.

Be on the lookout for an interview I did. Knicks made the playoffs for the first time in a while and the Rangers are hunting for Lord Stanley’s Cup. Not much else note-wise boys and girls. Enjoy the rest of your week with this song. Pretty Lights- All of the Lights Remix

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