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Some Retro Lacrosse Pictures On A Wild Night

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Decent slant route throw by Tebow, big ups to the real star with the meanest stiff arm in the Rockies.

Not even going to bother posting a video of what just happened, go watch SportsCenter all night.

These are why you’re really here:

Some really crazy images. Its hard to believe that field was actually ever used for lacrosse. It sits right in the middle of campus, on an insanely noticeable angle. Nowadays, the  lacrosse goals on that field are abused by soccer players who are 4 years past their prime. It’s also nice to see that Michigan and Illinois were involved as well. Who ever said lacrosse didn’t have some history in the midwest? Oh yeah, everyone, including myself.

Practices and workouts begin next Monday. Back in the Cougar Pavilion for the first time in a long time. Johnny M has been to a few #iubb games over the last couple of weeks. Maybe he stops on by the building with his namesake during a lax practice? But seriously…

Senior interviews to come this week. Wake up people. It’s lacrosse season.


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  1. Manny Rodrigues February 12, 2012 at 8:49 pm #

    Yeah, that’s me #8 rockin’ the short(er) shorts than you guys wear today. That field SUCKS! The ground balls would get stuck in ruts and you are correct about the angle of the surface. We played hard and had fun despite the crappy turf.

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