So. Much. Lacrosse.

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Too much lacrosse to even comprehend.

Meanwhile, in the MCLA…

Congrats to BYU, and their flag, for taking the MCLA Title. And congrats to ASU for knocking out Drago (oh, sweet a Rocky IV reference). ASU must have had a cold or something during the Michigan game. Both teams deserved to be in the final, and it was exciting for once to not already know the outcome.

Move the tournament to Florida. Weather problem solved. Genius, right? I know I know, there was some sort of contract involved and what not. No one cares, Denver was never a good option in the first place.

Our theory on why Michigan lost? Because this guy still doesn’t have a dance partner. IU legend right here:


Meanwhile, in the NCAA…

The 4 lower seeds made it through to Baltimore. Can’t help but cheer for UVA. Their team has dealt with a lot of adversity, more so than most teams I would think. It’s awesome that even the most highly regarded teams hold everybody equally accountable. You’re arguably the best 2 players on our team? and you broke the alcohol policy? Adios. Even cooler that the players enforced this. Definitely shows the strength and confidence they have as a team, and it was on display against Cornell.

Syracuse lost due to ignorance.

Good for Duke bouncing back after losing their whole team last year and being doubted in the beginning. As if they were going to be bad? They get top recruits every year. Just because Quinzani and Crotty left, doesn’t mean they haven’t recruited kids who can play, right Jordan Wolf?

Denver is the team I am most excited to see of the four. They are an explosive team who gets real creative on the offensive end. Mark Matthews’ handles alone are good enough reason to make the trip to Baltimore. Flint’s speed is another nice attraction. Needless to say, I’m thrilled they made it.

I’ll be there all weekend, blogging up a storm after each day. Who knows, might even let my dad have a guest post. He coached Baseball at New Trier (IL) for over 30 years. Which, if you’re not from Illinois, is probably the worst thing you could possibly do. But he came to every IU Lacrosse game except one this year AND TOTALLY REDEEMED HIMSELF.

After memorial day (Monday) I get home to Chicago. Then leave for Thailand on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, in Thailand…

A few LAS boys and I will be travelling to Bangkok, Thailand to partake in the TLA Grow the Game Invitational. Payu Nerngchamnong and co. will be kindly hosting us all week before our game on June 4th in their nation’s soccer stadium. It’s quite a stunning venue:

Internationally growing the game, doesn’t get any better. As always, the trusty Netbook and camera will be coming along on the trip. The goal is to make Jeff Brunelle eat some sort of roadside insect treat. We’ll keep you informed with our on-the-field and off-the-field antics.

Thailand Lax just had a game in Suffield, CT. Check out Connor Wilson’s photoblog of the whole event.

I’d rather watch a live blog of the Bulls series than have to watch Lebron complain some more.

Chris Bosh is an Avatar and Kreig Shaw agrees. Therefore, it’s true.

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