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One word to describe gear day. Scrumtrulescent. If you don’t know what I mean, educate yourselves.

Gear day, or at least one of them, hit last week for the Hoosiers. There aren’t many days better than gear day for lacrosse players. We were most recently treated to a full sweatsuit and two shooting shirts. All look clean and feel comfortable. You can trust me because I wore them all weekend.

Groutfit. Classic.

I’m personally a huge proponent of the clean and classic look when it comes to gear. I enjoy some flashy gear just as much as the next guy, but I don’t like it over the top. A great example is the IU candy stripes. Flashy? It stands out. Clean? Yes. Classic? Obviously.

Which is why I am such a big fan of our gloves for this season. Perfect mix of the 3. Coach already blogged about them, but I thought you’d like to know what we think.

All sorts of awesome.

Standout moment? Cursive “Hoosiers” on the cuffs. The cuffs are also interchangeable with a white “Indiana” pair. I opted for the crimson pair for now. We’ll see where my heart takes me as the season wears on. The fit is snug so far, but they have to break in and I have always tested the limits of 13’s. We haven’t come up with a way to not feel good in these. You can give me a youth medium and I will play in these.

Still more gear to come before our first game against Robert Morris (IL) on the 17th. I’ve been hearing rumors about our custom Warrior helmets coming in. I’m almost as excited as James Lipton. Coach tweeted pictures of our game socks and candy striped practice shorts earlier today. Head over there and check it out. More info on those when we get our hands on them.

A quick note from practice last night… The energy level was great. We’ve ramped up our work on clearing the ball. Clearing is not the most enjoyable part of a practice. It has a heavy emphasis on conditioning, and it is often the most frustrating aspect of the game. But it can also decide whether you win or lose. We’re going to get after it again tomorrow night.

Follow @IULax and yours truly on twitter. Let me know what you think about the gear in the comments section. Too simple? Don’t like cursive? What would you like to see on our helmets? I also promise to improve my gear picture taking skills. Patience is key.

Until next time.

Photo Credit: dvdverdict

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