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Party in the 812

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IU Lax

Evals have been sent out. This week’s depth charts are set. Party in the 812.

If you read Tref’s post Monday you would know that rain laid down its iron fist and canceled practice. Shut the whole cookie operation down.

It was a gorgeous yesterday so we were out on the field tonight for our first team practice. I was pretty jazzed about it myself. More importantly, I’m making an effort to continue doing the things that my evaluation said I did well this week.

Don’t be mistaken; there are plenty of things that I need to work on as well. Fall ball is the time to eliminate bad habits and to polish the rest of your game for the spring. Personally, I need to make sure that I remember what I worked on during the fall. Last season I ended the fall pretty strong but not everything carried over like I wanted. Not because I don’t work on everything during the winter, I always do. But I looked at the spring as an entirely new season and reverted back to bad habits.


That’s right. Tref and I decided that we have a surplus and all of you will benefit. Here’s the basics:

This week we’re going to have an NFL pick em’ contest! The people who guess the most winners of this coming weekend’s NFL games will get prizes. All you have to do is pick who you think will win each game. (The prizes may change in the event of a tie.)

– 1st place will receive a full IU lax track suit

– 2nd place will receive a pair of gloves

– 3rd place will receive an IU lax hat

As always, I recommend you pick my New York Jets.

Pretty simple. Just copy and paste this template into the comments, and then pick your winners. On Monday night after Tref’s Redskins go to 3-0 somehow, we’ll tally up the scores and announce winners within the next day or two. Utilize this:

Pats @ Bills:

49ers @ Bengals:

Dolphins @ Browns:

Broncos @ Titans:

Lions @ Vikings:

Texans @ Saints:

Giants @ Eagles:

Jaguars @ Panthers:

Jets @ Raiders:

Ravens @ Rams:

Chiefs @ Chargers:

Packers @ Bears:

Cardinals @ Seahawks:

Falcons @ Buccaneers:

Steelers @ Colts:

Redskins @ Cowboys:

Really looking forward to some up-tempo practice and for the coaching staff to get on us when we’re making mistakes. Not expecting Coach Tumbas to give one of these speeches.

Looking for people to go maximal crazy this week.

Fall ball is officially here kiddies. Excited to keep you updated throughout the rest of the year. Tootles.

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