An Open Letter to Dick’s Sporting Goods

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If you haven’t noticed, sports commercials are changing. Companies are tugging at our heartstrings and filling us to the brim with nostalgia of younger days. Dick’s Sporting Goods recently came out with two new commercials that you must have seen if you watch sports on TV. Check them out below.

I have to say, I’m all about these commercials. For once I actually agree with some of the YouTube comments. If you ever played high school sports those two commercials take you right back. Brutal nostalgia trip. But that isn’t the only thing I like about these commercials. They did a great job of showing the game from the inside out. You get a feel for some of the strategy of the game and thought process of the players.

The Next Step

Where am I going with this? You probably already know. It’s time for them to make a lacrosse version. While I do feel that our beloved lacrosse companies have gotten astronomically better at commercials since we were young, I think having a general retailer have a lacrosse geared (no pun intended) commercial would be huge. Yes, they have given lacrosse cameos in other commercials, but I am talking about the whole nine yards here.

Now I know realists will tell me that there are multiple sports they would consider making a commercial for before lacrosse. But that is no reason to be pessimistic. Lacrosse is easily one of the most communication heavy sports out there and the possibilities for solid commercial scripts are endless. The difference between the sports they have chosen so far and other possible sports like basketball, soccer, hockey, and lacrosse are that all of these are continuous play sports. There aren’t between play moments unless you count timeouts and between goals.

That doesn’t mean it would necessarily be more difficult to make. A commercial coming out of a timeout or right after a goal would be one option. Another would be choreographing a live play. Obviously, this is the more difficult choice. There have been so many attempts at live sports in film and TV that have been awful (American Pie). But just like every new endeavor they are getting better as they go.

The Bottom Line

Yes, lacrosse is not the largest consumer market. But if you look at how rapidly it’s growing at the youth and high school level it’s obvious how much opportunity there is. Growth at the college level is pretty stagnant, but that is another post for another time. All objective thought aside, how cool would it be to see a lacrosse commercial like that?

To the people at Dick’s Sporting Goods… the ball is in your court. Well, it never really left. But it’s a great idea for a commercial.

What do you all think? Would you like to see a commercial like that? Is it at all feasible to see in the near future? What type of game situation would work best? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter. Fall ball week two is complete and our first scrimmage is in less than two weeks. Wow.

Photo Credit: Dick’s Sporting Goods

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