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The Old Oaken Bucket

If you didn’t see on the bottom line over weekend on ESPN (they don’t show our highlights on Sports Center) you would have noticed that the Hoosiers lost to Purdue 33-25, ending the season 1-11, failing to beat an FBS team in the process. Since 1925, the first year of the trophy, the Boilers lead the series 57–27–3. The Kevin Wilson era has begun in Bloomington. I really don’t have anything negative to say about the football team. It would be hypocritical of me to join in on the campus wide bashing after finishing my junior lacrosse season with a record of 2-12. The football team simply didn’t have enough talent to keep them in games. We rotated 3 quarterbacks throughout the season, struggled on defense, and didn’t have the ability to close out games with a lead. Call me crazy, but I think they’ll improve.

The coaching staff is noticeably more enthusiastic on the sidelines even if they were losing and even though there weren’t many things to be excited about. There’s been plenty of talent in the current freshman class with wide receivers Shane Wynn and Cody Lattimer. Freshman quarterback Tre Roberson showed flashes of talent and appears to be a viable option moving forward, especially with the not so surprising de-commitment of 5-star recruit Gunner Kiel.

As a student body that puts more effort and stock in tailgating than actually supporting the team, it would be unfair of us to complain about what happened on the field. I am definitely guilty of this. I am a season ticket holder who attended 3 games. I am guilty of waking up at 8 in the morning to tailgate, only to go home at noon so I could watch the SEC on CBS.

We still find reasons to throw every athletic team under the bus for not performing each week. I could only begin to imagine the frustration of reading the school newspaper every week to see kids my age absolutely ripping me and my teammates apart. I can’t imagine sitting in a lecture hall, listening to my professor shred my team apart for the first 10 minutes of class. I’ve been apart of one of these classes and have made an awkward glance to a fellow student athlete donning a Hoosier Football hoodie while this kind of incident is going on. You might not enjoy going to class, but shouldn’t it be a haven where your performance from the past weekend isn’t scrutinized? If you can’t understand this from my point of view, take some time to read this. Senior volleyball player Mary Chaudoin fires back at everyone and it’s actually really awesome. Since reading this I’ve thought twice about trying to make fun of our athletic department and think about the fact that these are fellow students. It’s cliché but they are not pro athletes, they’re kids. A lot of people seem to forget this at big time schools. I think the quote that perfectly sums this whole thing up happens towards the middle of the letter when Chaudoin says, “I am sorry you will never feel the pride of wearing Indiana University across your chest and never feel the sad sickness when you do not make the name proud.” Out of the roughly 38,000 undergrads here, most of them will never understand what that feels like, which makes it so easy to laugh instead of being a real fan.

Moving on…

I’ve had a pretty crazy month of Novemeber, but going to my first SEC football game for a weekend was the best thing I got to do. I managed to make my way down to South Carolina from November 11th to November 13th to see a faster brand of football we don’t get to see in the Big Ten. My lovely mother was kind enough to let me spend the weekend with one of my best friends. I caught the SC-Florida game, which the Cocks won 17-12. It was unlike any sports atmosphere I’ve ever been to in my life. Even if everyone went to our games, it wouldn’t touch the pride and pageantry in Columbia on a game day. They even have a hype man who stand on a sideline with a mic connected to the entire stadium so he could start a chant every down. Combine that with the sick seats I had and it turned out to be the best sporting event I’ve ever been to besides the LJ 4-point play against the Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals in ’99.

South Carolina Football

Packed house before the game even started

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. Mine was phenomenal except for sitting in traffic all the way to Strong Island for 2 ½ hours when it usually only takes 1 ½. Luckily, my little brother shares the same penchant for house music as I do so we raved hard all the way down the Southern State Parkway.

The Rangers spanked the Flyers this Saturday 2-0. If you think 2-0 isn’t a spanking then you didn’t watch the game. Even better than the win was the fact that HBO started filming the 24/7 series which will feature both teams as they prepare for the Winter Classic on January 2nd. Here’s something to whet your appetite.


We’re starting Music Mondays on LRA this year. Tref Daddy and myself will be posting all kinds of new and old music to be featured on the blog. If you find something you think people should be listening to or know of a new artist, tweet at our Twizzle and we’ll give you a shout out if it’s a good find.

This was THE song of the summer weather you like Avicii or not. This is the newly released official video for Levels. It makes absolutely zero sense but it’s still pretty awesome.

Just in case you were wondering if we’re all a bunch of freaks on this team.

Oh, I almost forgot, INDIANA BASKETBALL IS BACK! Maybe.

Victor Oladipo


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