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1 - Published April 24, 2011 by in Fashion, Gear, MCLA

The Miami game was postponed. Had a little extra free time to browse the interweb.

What was found was a plethora of extreme matching clothes, also called uniforms, in a league that I never knew existed.

Thursday night we got news that the Miami game was postponed part due to weather, part due to Rec Sports cancelling anything if there’s even a light dew on the field from the night/early morning. The price you pay to have a somewhat decent grass field. No class, no game, and rain on Friday left for a lot of free time  to have a lazy day inside. I decided to head over to Lindenwood’s website to check out the imageries from their last few games. As I arrived to the photo galleries, an interesting album title grasped my retina:

“Roller Hockey vs. Illinois”

Exqueeze me? Baking powder? ROLLER HOCKEY??

As a “club sport” athlete myself, I have been involved in enough scrutiny to never judge a club sport without looking into it. We and the MCLA want to be taken as seriously as any other legit lacrosse association, why is anything other than the NCAA not respectable? Turns out there is, in fact, an organized league for college roller hockey, the National College Roller Hockey Association.

Upon further investigation, here’s what we were able find about the league (via

“With over nearly 200 teams and 2,500 players nationwide, the National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association (NCRHA) is the governing body of collegiate roller hockey in the United States.

The NCRHA represents the next major step in the pursuit of the original CRHL goals and visions. The policies by which the NCRHA will be governed are based upon the goal of a nationally recognized and regionally organized collegiate roller hockey structure and the best interests of the participants of college roller hockey.”

The uniforms in the league are beyond out of control.


The old midcalf argyle look, classic.


Arizona State

Michigan Mockup

Bodacious, rad stuff happening here. Always happy to learn of fellow serious club leagues. Many of the teams are powerhouses in the MCLA. Even Purdue and Ball State have teams. Wonder why IU doesn’t.

Word is Garth Algar is the all-time saves leader.

Obviously, Wayne Campbell is the all-time leading point scorer.

Clark Griswold wins coach of the year, every year.

On Behalf of IU

We are sorry for the release of this video. This is the reason the fraternity lifestyle sometimes generates a negative connotation.

It won’t happen again, hopefully.

Glenbrook South Alum, Lance Yapor, had 2 goals and 3 assists for Hofstra yesterday. Great for Chicago lax.

Blackhawks tonight. Decibel levels in the UC will be off the charts.

Last, but most important, gigantic week to keep our season alive for the GRLC tournament. Starts with focus and commitment.

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