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I have had a bit of a hiatus from the blog game, but now I am back and better than ever.

Indiana Lacrosse has still been kicking, in fact we had a nice win last week.  It has been documented by Mr. Helfrich, and that win was the start of a great Little 500 weekend, my first.  It was an interesting experience, and if the weather had been better I would have gone and watched the race.  But I have seen the movie “Breaking Away” so that’s pretty much just as good as actually going.

Just three weeks left of school and one of those is just for exams, so little time so much to do.  We also only have three more games left, and all three are conference games, the most important three of the season (Miami (Ohio), Lindenwood, and Missouri).  This year if we want to go to the GRLC conference tournament we need to be in the top two in the division, meaning we need to win two of those games.  It will make for an exciting end of the season.

Look very hard at the under shirt.  Watch the episode here

My last post was about lacrosse on mainstream television, well today we have a lacrosse sighting.  This show is close to all the hearts of Hoosiers all over Indiana and the world.  “Parks and Recreation” is based in a fictional town in Indiana about an hour away from Indianapolis.  This lax sighting was not a major thing, but it still caught my eye, maybe because it was the funniest character wearing the lacrosse paraphernalia.  In the show his name is Andy but in real life he is Chris Pratt.  This lacrosse sighting is on his shirt from the beginning of the episode, till he dawns a Reggie Wayne jersey.  The best part about the shirt is that it says “Indiana Lacrosse” so we can pretend it’s an Indiana University Lacrosse shirt, just to make us feel special.  We might have to try and send him a real Indiana Lacrosse shirt, just to give thanks for the representation.


The Royalty

Is this for real? Because it would be cool.

The MVP.  You said it, Magic.

Short and Sweet.

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