Monday, Rainy Monday

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Interesting day here in Bloomington. First off, it’s raining so we can’t have our first official team practice of fall ball. But there is some news. So listen up.

New Things

Might as well get right to it. We got a present today.

Great work. These are amazing. Enigma Apparel did it all. Check out their Facebook page and give them your business immediately.

It’s a big bummer not being on the field today, but it’s also a good chance for everyone to catch up on schoolwork and get in the weight room. Hopefully the weather will hold out tomorrow and we can get out to Evan Williams Field.

What were we doing this weekend?

Win #1 for Coach Wilson. Granted it was against a 1-AA school who we should have blown out of the water. A win’s a win right?

This man is 2-0 as a starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins. Hey, rest of the NFL, are you going to continue to allow this? You all should be ashamed of yourselves. And Rex should be very, very proud of himself.

Mike Shagi and Sam Sudakoff’s Jet’s won. Jeff Redish’s and Matt Anderson’s Colts, well, Peyton didn’t play again. Peter Moore and Kevin Moriarty’s favorite tag-team wrestling squad “R-Truth” got the win on Friday Night Smackdown.

Some good homework music for a Monday.

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