Missouri Weekend Recap

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The final seconds ticked off the clock with the Hoosiers losing to Mizzou 13-7. Wait till you see who wanted the best seat in the house for some lacrosse.

This weeekend were must-win games for us. If we went 1-1, there was a good chance we would be coming back next weekend to St. Charles to compete in the GRLC conference tournament.

The Lindenwood facilities are beautiful.


Not our best game. It’s especially hard when you can’t practice for 2 weeks due to nonstop rain. It sort of felt like this:

We came out very flat, letting up an early goal, but were able to pick it up a little going into halftime. I believe the score was 5-1 going into half. Looking back, we really didn’t play terribly at all. The only part of the game I’d give ourselves an ‘F’ on was finishing. But, that’s no ones fault. That’ll happen. I should have scored about 3 goals, but I’ll give it up for the Lindenwood goalie, he played a heck of a game. We definitely got a lot of the looks we wanted and moved the ball around well. When long possessions end in a thrown away ball or a save (which seemed like every play), it wears on you mentally. Lindenwood was able to capitalize on our mistakes and eventually wore our defense down to beat us 15-2.


I first played Missouri my sophomore year. We dominated possession that game and won 7-3. We then played them last year at home and the game was very even the whole 60 minutes, and we were able to squeak out a 7-6 victory. This year, we played a very close game until about mid-way through the fourth quarter.

I think we were able to surprise Mizzou a little bit since some of them watched our game against Lindenwood. I’m sure we didn’t seem like the most competitive opponent. But as the game went on I think that feeling changed. We were finally starting to finish shots. At least better than the previous night. But we still had missed opportunities that would have changed the dynamic of the game had we been able to capitalize. The defense was stellar as they were able to kill off a 3 minute non releasable penalty to keep us in the game. Going into the fourth quarter we were down 8-6.

Unfortunately, though we played hard, we didn’t have our best 4th quarter. They buried their chances and that was it for the IU lacrosse season.


One of the funniest things I have ever seen, I kid you not. We showed up to the field during the Miami vs. Lindenwood game and noticed a goose on the field. He stood there, motionless, through the whole part of the second half that we watched. Coach made sure everyone was ready to get on the field right after the game ended so we could claim the goose-less side of the field for warm ups. What can I say, the goose just loves lacrosse and wanted to be up close to the action.

Lax Goose

Year recap tomorrow, including video from this weekend.

IU Lacrosse alum, Andrew Garcia, made it to both of our games this weekend! Great to see him.

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