University of Tennessee, UCONN, Texas A&M

Memphis Weekend Recap – Part 1 (Games)

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University of Tennessee, UCONN, Texas A&M

3 games in 3 days. A discussion is in order.

I made the lead picture myself. Not a terrible photoshop effort. Not terribly complicated, either.

It isn’t necessarily uncommon in the MCLA to have a game every day of the weekend. Sometimes that’s how the scheduling needs to work out with little to no support from your represented university.

Memphis University School is a stunning venue.

Tennessee Game

We got to the field about 3 hours before game time and had a chance to completely warm up and then some. Bus legs were not an issue. The game as a whole didn’t go very well for us. For some reason, we always have slow starts. Against Wake Forest, we gave up 4 goals in the first 3 minutes of the game. Tennessee buried a few early ones and coasted from there. We couldn’t seem to get anything rolling. A lot of short possessions led to fast breaks and a tired defense. We didn’t play to our strengths in the game. We came out of it knowing we are a lot better than we showed. We just never got it clicking. Not taking anything away from Tennessee, they have a very solid team. More so than I remember from the previous 2 times we played them.

Uconn Game

If there is such a thing as rock bottom, this game was it. The first quarter wasn’t too bad. We possessed the ball, played good defense and headed into the 2nd quarter with a 2-1 lead. Energy and spirits were high. Not for long.

Early in the 2nd quarter, we suffered a series of critical injuries. Three players who get a lot of minutes went down. We were stretched very thin. It is no excuse for how we played, though. Literally nothing was happening for us. Everything that could go wrong, did.  We were an absolute mess and embarrassed by the final score. No one on our team had ever lost that bad. We served up the game to Uconn on a silver platter with a white napkin around our left arm and said, “Here, enjoy”.

I must commend our goalies in this game, Peter Moore stayed strong in goal for the first half after a hefty barrage of shots. And R.C. Aikens held it down in the second half. If it wasn’t for them, Uconn may have scored 40. After the game, no one really knew what to say. We just knew we still had a lot of work to do.

Texas A&M Game

After our horrid loss to Uconn, we learned of the A&M vs. Uconn score from the first night. 14-7 in favor of the Aggies. We had hit the so-called rock bottom I mentioned. It was time to pick ourselves up and start getting to where we know we should be.

The offense and defense met for a long time before the game and narrowed it down to what each group needed to improve on. We came into the game with a real solid idea of how we were going to approach this thing. We got down 5-2 in the second quarter and there was definitely some fear that our meltdown was going to happen all over again. It was different this time.

Instead of everyone yelling at eachother, we just talked and got on the same page as to what was going on out there. We got back on the field and netted two goals to go into the half 5-4.

The second half was by far the best lacrosse we have played all year. We controlled the tempo and limited some of the mistakes that were hurting us in the previous games. We drew a slash with 54 seconds left to play down 9-8. The man up unit got in there and Matt Anderson buried the tying goal for us. He complimented my assist as we celebrated. Charming young man he is. Here we go to Overtime.

Terror struck as A&M won the face off and sprinted down to score right away. Not a great feeling to lose. In fact, the worst feeling after having played so poorly the previous two days. 10-9 A&M in OT.

Note: Freshman Attackman Nick Fletcher had a break out game, notching 5 goals against the Aggies.


As Coach told us on the bus, we didn’t get the results we wanted on the weekend. 0-3 is obviously not a desirable outcome. We did, however, leave on a positive note, knowing that we have the ability to play with teams as long as we keep within ourselves and stick to what we are good at. Now we have a week to get ready for Illinois State on Saturday and Illinois on Sunday. Everyone is excited to get back out to practice and refine the little things we need to take care of. The good thing is, after the A&M game, we are now seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

On a personal note, I played terribly this weekend. I can’t remember a time where my shooting was so off. I hit the goalie about 100 times and missed the age a few. The post wasn’t very friendly to me, either. Will fix that in practice tonight.

Time for practice. Part 2 about the shenanigans off the field coming either later tonight or tomorrow.

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