Meet the Hoosiers: Keegan McQuillan

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No need for a big introduction so I hope this is sufficient.

Name:  Keegan McQuillan

From: Naperville, IL

Year: Sophomore

Major: Business Finance (also the treasurer for the team)

Position: Attack

Number: 27

First time blogger so let’s get it poppin

funny gifs


So I will be providing you with a bunch of information that goes along with the Indiana lacrosse team but this is more of a friendly first post.  If you have been keeping up with our Halloween Coverage and Coach’s Fall Ball Coverage you should know that fall ball came to an end. Not only did we have a fun practice but other schools did as well. My brother who attends Illinois State University, a competing MCLA team, recently got a helmet-cam.

They had some fun in their last practice:

Little hesitant when I not only saw him playing goalie (he is also an attackmen) but the fact that he had the helmet-cam on as well.

In other news, this is waiting for me to put on the whip when I get home for thanksgiving:

Another post coming soon, more Hoosier related.

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