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St. Lawrence continues to impress with their use of brown.

The Saints are the newest team to jump on the matte helmet craze. While it’s not quite on Duke’s level (will anything ever be?), it’s one of the best creations I’ve ever seen.

Drake Paul was kind enough to send along a few quality photos after receiving his today:

While I am not huge on the look of the warrior helmets, I love what they’ve done here. They kept it simple with the decals (numbers and the awesome shield) and let the brown speak for itself. I’ve been a sucker for matte colors ever since Rob Dyrdek dropped the flat black UAV on Rob and Big. A brown chin strap would have been my picky finishing touch to an otherwise flawless helmet.

As you can see, Drake still rocks the white pro 7 over the cpx-r. Probably a smart choice. I understand the cpx-r is comfortable, but that doesn’t help the style of it.

The Saints are definitely looking sharp on the field this year. Thanks to Drake for shipping out the pics. Might reward him later with a beating in Fifa while playing with Energie Cottbus.

Matte Crimson for the Hoosiers would be absolutely stunning. Wish I could be around a little longer to be able to see that happen.

Still waiting on cascade to offer more color options…

Items of Sorts

Drake is contributing nicely with 3 goals and 5 assists in his junior season.

Tref’s Tuesday’s offers up our unique team nicknames

Awesome interview regarding the MCLA coming Thursday.

Just received an email from Jeff Brunelle about the GTG invitational in Bangkok with Thailand Lacrosse. Can’t wait to be able to talk more about that as I will be attending.

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