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Lacrosse Cameos

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Have you noticed the lax references on TV?

Lacrosse is great to see on TV.  And I am not just talking about games but lacrosse in TV shows.  I have been watching my TV a bit more closely to find this anomaly.   Before lacrosse was able to get a major role on TV it had a nice role in a great film.

Everyone who has ever played lacrosse and likes teen films knows Stiffler from “American Pie”.  He is the loud mouth no one cares for but ladies are still intrigued by him, probably because he plays lacrosse.

But besides Stiffler and “American Pie”, where else can we find lacrosse on TV?  Well I have been keeping my eyes peeled looking for the best examples of lacrosse on TV for well over a month now, and I have found some pretty revealing stuff!

One of the first cameos for a lacrosse stick came in the first season of “Modern Family”. It slips my mind what episode, but it was early on in the season.  It was great to see a lacrosse stick getting some face time in a major comedy show such as “Modern Family”.

Lacrosse is growing fast, and why shouldn’t it reach more TV shows?  Well maybe it has.  Two shows on prime time TV have their main characters with Lacrosse backgrounds.  One could be a favorite show of mine right now, the other is a bit different but has some very strong reasons to watch.


The lacrosse in “Perfect Couples” comes upon us in the middle of the season episode five.  Right off the bat, the Lacrosse stick makes its cameo in a power position (grant it, it was a woman’s stick, its still a lacrosse stick) being used as a weapon of defense.  The former lacrosse player in the show is Rex.  Rex is what every lacrosse player is, awesome.  He has the hardest job, car salesman but not just normal cars, Bentleys and Aston Martins. Try selling something like that, its got to be hard.  He also has the best looking wife on the show, Olivia Munn, and if you do not like the show and its humor that’s fine because you will watch it just for her.

Back to the lacrosse.  Rex in the episode talks about his high school lacrosse throughout the entire episode.  He was first team all conference as an attackman.  We know this from some home video he shows everyone.  It is obvious, being a successful luxury car salesman, that he has brought his attackman mentality to the work place.

Hopefully this is first of many more lacrosse cameos for this show.  Rex is an awesome character and it’s not hard to imagine it’s mostly because he played lacrosse.


This is on my list of favorite shows ever.  The characters a great and the plots are out of control fun.  Sterling Archer is a secret agent, and the best at that.   And by the way, yeah he played lacrosse.  He also lets everyone know he played lacrosse, he mentions it .67 times an episode, its math I averaged it out.

Now Archer never gives us any of his high school highlight tape, so with his personality I have come to the conclusion of what position he played and how he played it.  After watching every single episode, it is obvious that Archer scores a lot… with women.  This can only mean one thing, he scored a lot on the fields, he must have played attack.  He is also very pompous and full of himself, perfect fit.  He also attributes his spy abilities to his lacrosse career.  One of my favorite quotes, when asked if he had learned how to be a spy at spy camp he responds with “I went to lacrosse camp every summer, its pretty much the same thing.”  I would agree with that.

Lacrosse has been making great characters for TV shows all TV season long.  Hopefully this trend continues and bring lacrosse even more mainstream, because we all know it deserves to be.

Last weekend was full of lax, and I am sure it’s going to be written about all week by both coach and all of the other writers of LRA.  I will leave it to them so you can get on with your day.


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