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King II Contest Notables

1 - Published May 16, 2011 by in Gear

We certainly got a wide variety of entries for the King II contest and we’d like to share some of the best ones.

In our opinion the funniest entry was by Tyler Cote, loungin with his lax twig.

Some serious celebrations

This goalie’s vertical/athleticism leads us to believe he scored multiple goals this year.

The classic back bump.

Celebrating The Life of A Friend

This entry was sent to us by fellow Northbrook, IL native and personal friend of mine, Mike Synek. Mike played at Illinois State last year and went on a Spring Break trip with 4 of his lax bros. A year later, one of his teammates that went on that trip passed away. This picture is in rememberance of him.

Lots Of Beat Up Gloves

People tend to grow out of things

Connor Wilson would give his left arm to try on this right glove.

Scoring G’s

Krieg Shaw claims to have scored this goal. He is a lefty, ladies and gentlemen. Our compliments on his form.

Nick Weinberg about to torch the goalie with a fake low, shoot high.

David Sheldon burying one on the crease (pipe maybe?)

Lil’ Laxer

Reg Hartner has got his 17 month old daughter, Harper, working on her wall ball early!

Lax Pride

Pitt laxer Christian Roy doesn’t forget about lacrosse even before surgery after his encounter with a hunting knife. We saw the picture, it wasn’t pretty. He remembered his teddy bear too.

Marquette player, Ian Chadwick, does some pretty interesting things on the field. The old flying ice pick.

Andy Aumiller strung up a sick traditional Cobra which happens to be close to IU colors. Thoughts Connor Wilson?


Finally, our dude Connor Patron is Hoosier’d out. Hopefully we will see him at practice in the next few years.

Thanks again to everyone who participated! Keep checking in with us throughout the summer as we have a bunch of great new blog series coming up.

And this was awesome:

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