IU Lax Journey: Senior Year

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Finishing up the journey and a sneak peak at the winning bracket.

Senior Year

Hopefully you’ve read the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior year installments.

Following junior year there were a lot of if’s surrounding our team. The main one: finding a new head coach. We knew Coach Karweck was on his way out for greener pastures, and we wanted to find someone who was just as knowledgeable with even higher aspirations for our team. I wasn’t much apart of the hiring process, the board took care of that. But, regardless, we would have a new person at the helm that none of us knew.

I’m sure some of you reading this have perhaps dealt with a similar situation. For me, it was especially tough because we had built a solid chemistry with Coach Karweck. Heck, he was my coach for 3 years. I didn’t know IU lacrosse without him. There were many questions I had before the season.

What is the new coach like? How will he approach the season? Will he be open to the seniors’ advice since it’s his first year? How will the culture change? How will the other kids react?

Those are just a handful that stick out. I got the news from Will McClain we had chosen a Pittsburgh native by the name of Peter Tumbas.

I have to be totally honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. We had played Pitt one of the years prior and they were not very good. No disrespect to the Pitt squad, and I’m not saying we are the best team to grace the Earth, but we had a head coach who played in the MLL and 4 years at Notre Dame and now our head coach had played on a team we may have beaten just a year ago.

LSM Phil Johnson with an impressive dye job


Then I learned about 412 lax. And oh how interesting that day was. All of the sudden, we went from being a team that may as well have not even existed (in terms of publicity) to a team that the powers at be are very familiar with. Very, very weird stuff for me.

Again, I am not saying everyone now follows our every move and that we are the team sent from god to rule the MCLA. But let’s face it, probably 50 times more people know about us than before. Including the news outlets that cover the MCLA. It’s what came along with coach, we are still the same team. However, after reading 412 I was no longer worried about the type of lacrosse mind we were getting in Coach Tumbas. He literally lives for lacrosse.

So, as you can imagine, it was a little bit nerve racking at the very beginning of the season because coach has this base following in the MCLA and he’s coming to take over our team. Had no idea what to expect. Turns out he’s not nearly as intimidating as he may seem on the internet. I think that’s the case with probably everyone on the internet. But after the first few weeks of practice the team got settled in quite nicely and started creating the coach/player relationship  as opposed to the blogger/reader relationship. There’s a difference.

Whatever is on the internet, is on the internet. It doesn’t make a difference who said what once we hit the practice and game field. What matters is we focus on our team and what we need to do to improve.

The year has been up and down so far, but I really like the direction we are taking. This team is very different than the teams in the past. It used to be that we had really solid starts to the season, then sort of sailed off during the middle and end. That isn’t the case this year. Practices in the middle of the season have been harder and more focused than ever. We are working hard to figure out who we are, and we are so close to finding it. Once we do, I think we can be very tough. We showed how good we can be against Virginia Tech for 3 quarters, a few tweaks and a little more gel time on the practice and game field will help us become real efficient. My excitement level has risen while typing this. I can’t wait for the rest of the season.

To wrap it up, the year so far has been more than I could have ever dreamed of. Coach Tumbas has opened a TON of doors for our team and IU lacrosse is becoming somewhat of a known entity around the league. As a senior, it’s tough to know we only have one year. But to know that we were the senior class that worked with Coach Karweck to elevate our level then took the next step to becoming a national contender (in the future) with Coach Tumbas is surreal. The decisions we made as a team are the reason we are in this position. I couldn’t be happier.

I will miss IU lacrosse when it’s over, but right now, our eye is on the GRLC title. We are going to do everything we can to get there.

Here’s a highlight of this year. It’s me, nbd.

And we’ll let coach bask in his glory just one more time at the 1 minute mark.

Continue reading throughout the season to find out the exciting conclusion of senior year…

March Madness Challenge

It’s about that time! Remember to join if you haven’t already. Free submission and a chance to win free LAS and IU Lax prizes. Enter here. Password: iulax

You can join until the first round ends, however you have the best chance to win a prize if you have your bracket filled out beforehand so you get points for every game.

Now that we are underway, I’ll share my bracket as I can’t win any prizes anyway.

I have my money on Duke, I don’t want to be sulking if Kyrie comes back and dominates knowing I should’ve picked them. Plus, I’m still slightly biased. What do you think? Would you change anything? Looking forward to a nice little competition these next few weeks. Can’t wait to ship out the prizes.

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