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Out of the seven-ish “musical artists” coming to Indiana University this year for the Little 500 celebration (wiz kaleefa, little wayne, rick ross, nicky minadge, etc.), ONE of them actually plays an instrument (Travis Barker). The drums. And the bro’s on campus couldn’t be happier…What is this world coming to?

Sorry, had to get that out of my system.


This week has been quite stressful. Two final exams, a midterm exam, a final presentation, and two research papers in 4 days after being to Virginia and back the previous weekend. The Kelley School, givin’ ‘em da business down there since 1920 (why the IU bookstore doesn’t sell that T-shirt is beyond me). My mood wasn’t the greatest to begin with this week due to my school load, but things took a turn for the even worse when I goofed up in practice on Monday and got the whole team running…  Shooting overhand low and away is a crucial foundational ability to being a good shooter in any respect. Shooting side arm up and away is a crucial step to get your whole team to have to do sprints during practice right after your coach tells you to shoot overhand low and away. When the dreaded “everybody on the line” call came, I considered pleading my case to coach, but only for about .03 seconds, sure that I’d get a response similar to Bruce Willis in his third best movie ever and earn more sprints to run.

“I’m 40, I’m not married, and I don’t have a dog??? I grow up to be a loser!” 19 years to find a woman and a canine. Pressure is on.

I am generally a rule follower. Well, more like almost always. Going against a coach’s direct orders is a disservice to yourself and your teammates, regardless of how addicted you are to bringing the high heat. There’s nothing I love more than cranking an 88mph (ca.) ripper to the top right of the cage. Who doesn’t love taking the elevator to the corner office? What’s better then dropping your hands, bringing the goalie to his knees, and putting another hole in the top-shelf Swiss? Who wants to order well-cheese when it’s Tuesday and you can get that top shelf selection for the same price? Put it where the cookies are, says Roberto Blanco. I mean honestly, what could possibly bring a player more joy then flinging a side arm shot over the top of the goal, resulting in a loss possession, when a mechanically sound overhand shot to the bottom corner would do just fine??? Oh…right….

Time and a place for everything. It’s important to mix up your shot selection throughout the game, no excuse not to start overhand though and honor Rule #76.

Thanks Mom

My parents came down to Bloomington on Tuesday morning to have breakfast with me and bring me some things. It was very nice of them and one of the perks of going to school just over an hour away from home. The breakfast was great, but what my mother decided to present me with afterwards brought the real excitement. Like, game winning goal excitement. In overtime. In the playoffs. Maybe even the finals. That level of excitement. Peep it:

Wait, what’s that you ask? Why yes, yes that is a handmade IU Lacrosse scarf. Yes, yes indeed my mother did knit that for me. That is correct. Who’s laughing at the homeschool family now?

Mastadon Challenge

If you remember my first post, you may remember me making the claim that YouTube is kind of my thing. Nothing is better than an obscure YouTube video to start your day. This here is one of my favorites. You may have seen the Big Mastadon Challenge video, where a large man named “Big-Mastadon” ate 40 pizza rolls in 2 minutes. There are tons of viewer response videos where they attempt to accomplish the same feat, but this one may be my favorite. This kid promises to eat 90 pizza rolls or throw up. He uploaded 4 parts of his video, over 20 minutes of him eating pizza rolls. He gives up at the end of every part and comes back with a new part and with newfound motivation. Here is part 4, if you have the time there are some pretty priceless one liners in the first three. I chose to include part 4 mainly because of the priceless 9 seconds of action beginning at 1:12. Use some volume. It’s pretty good. Those eyes….

Didn’t even faze him. Those eyes…

Part 3 quote:“I was being a big fat phony liar and I’m not gonna do that”

Pre-Game Music

Fridays across the MCLA usually mark the start of a string of weekend games. That’s why Friday is a great day to get your pre-game music choice in line. Personally, I like to take a two-step process of getting angry and then chilling out and zoning in prior to matches. If I can find the 10 minutes prior to warm-ups to be alone and listen to two songs it helps me chill out, ya know, feng-shui and xen kinda thing. Ask Jon Teng  for more about that.

How do you like to get ready for games? Some like to be around teammates and chat it up. Some like seclusion. I love the pre-game seclusion, but my cursed self seems to always have something to say to someone.

Here’s an example of my two-step process (uh-two-steeeeep)

1. Get A Lil’ Angry

2. Chill Out and Zone In

Later Nerds.

-8cho Manderson III

Shoulder has been bugging me since the Virginia Tech game. Anybody know where I can get some hot ice?

Spring Break plans? See you in D’Tonuh

Weird things happening in Londontown. Glad I got out when I did…



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