Indiana’s Notre Dame Connections

1 - Published December 27, 2012 by in MCLA

Two small bonds to the school in Northern Indiana.

1) Current Notre Dame assistant coach Matt Karweck was head coach at IU from 2008-2010.

2a) Current IU head coach Peter Tumbas attended Notre Dame’s instructional camp in 2002.

2b) Many of our Indianapolis based players will be cheering for Notre Dame against Alabama on January 7th. We’ll be at practice during the game.

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  1. connorwilson February 2, 2013 at 7:09 pm #

    I’m with Woody for the most part on this one.

    However, I’m also more than happy to argue Tom’s original premise as totally incorrect. So there’s that too!

    Athletes ARE entertainers… when they are on the field. We watch them play sports, and they get paid handsomely for it. But does this mean they can do whatever they want? In our society, yes it does. And this has got to stop. People being famous for what they do “off the whatever” (floor, field, screen, stage, etc) is stupid. As many famous people today prove, anyone can do it. Do we want sports to completely devolve into all show, and no substance? The WWE is great and all but… it’s acting. Painful, long-term body crippling impacts aside, it still acting. I’d like less of that. So compare playing football to playing football or getting punched in the mouth (when did that reference stop passing muster?), and let the real heroes reserve the right to talk about war, in a somber, experienced, and educated tone.

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