Indiana Top 10 Poll

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In an effort to grow the game in the Hoosier state, Lacrosse Roads of America will begin covering high school lacrosse. This is our first weekly top 10 poll.

A few notes:

Culver’s prep team is not included in either the coaches top 10 or the LRA top 10.

The LRA top 10 is ranked by IU coaches.

Votes are collected from Monday to Tuesday at 4pm.

Not every coach voted, although all coaches were invited to vote.

Coaches’ Top 10

1. Carmel (unanimous)

2. Cathedral

3. Noblesville

4. Zionsville

5. Brebeuf

6. Hamilton Southeastern

7. Guerin

8. St. Joseph’s

9. Center Grove

10. Park Tudor

LRA Top 10

1. Carmel

2. Zionsville

3. Cathedral

4. Brebeuf

5. St. Joeseph’s

6. Noblesville

7. Guerin

8. Hamilton Southeastern

9. Center Grove

10. Park Tudor

(Lead in photo is from Cathedral’s game against Noblesville.)

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2 Responses to Indiana Top 10 Poll

  1. bertstare.jpg March 21, 2012 at 11:18 pm #

    These rankings are so skewed. First how Brebeuf even got into the top 5 on both of your polls is mind boggling. That they are above HSE and HSE is so low hurts my mind. Yes they graduated Holst and Miller but the team didn’t go in the can! Noblesville below Brebeuf and St Joes? after their performances against Cathedral and Zionsville?

    Guerin lost at home to Center Grove tonight 15-0 (coming from a good source, yet to be posted on LaxPower)….I think that changes both of their positions just a bit eh? Park Tudor is also being underestimated here…we’ll see how they perform against Brebeuf tomorrow.

  2. naptownlax March 22, 2012 at 2:34 pm #

    These polls are definitely inaccurate. And where is Westfield? Westfield just took down Brebuf 11-8.  Center Grove took down Guerin 15-0. Noblesville also beat Cathedral a few weeks ago. The LRA poll is more off than the coaches poll. HSE although losing some talent still is a very solid program and should be ranked higher than Brebuf and Saint Joe. Saint Joe is having a major rebuilding year and they don’t deserve to be that highly ranked. Overall, Guerin, Brebuf, and Saint Joeseph should not even be in the top ten. Westfield and Center Grove should be ranked in the top 8, and HSE Should be higher in the LRA poll. I think even Chatard may deserve that 10th spot based on the teams success the last few years

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