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Indiana Lacrosse Team Superlatives

1 - Published January 30, 2012 by in Bloomington, College Life, Interviews, Lifestyle, Videos

Recently, Coach Tumbas sat down with a few of our seniors to get their opinions on some of our beloved teammates. Who’s the smartest? Where would you take a girl on a date? Who has the worst pocket? Each one of these answers is critical. Finding teammates who agree with you on these subjects is key to building team chemistry. For example, Sam Sudakoff saying he has the ugliest pocket is a slap in the face. I strung that pocket, SAM.  Take a few minutes to check out what some of our seniors have to say. 

Here are my answers, along with a few superlatives that weren’t asked in the video.

Smartest: Tie. Jake Brooks and Tom Galstian. Have you ever heard two lacrosse players have a conversation in Russian… about statistics? Didn’t think so.

Ugliest Pocket: Tornado. Hands Down. The same dog that ate your homework, was probably also chewing on Adam Tornado’s mesh.

Best Place to Take a Date:   Gotta agree with Jimi Maher on this one. Janko’s Little Zagreb. If you’ve got some extra moolah, go there. Oh and make sure your date likes steak as much as you do. Check out some of this grub.

And now some superlative categories that I stole from my high school yearbook.

Class Clown: Peter Moore. Is these even a competition? He knew who all 30 wrestlers were during the Royal Rumble last night. This superlative goes hand in hand with “Most Likely to get ‘X’s’ tattooed on their hands. ”

Quietest: Colin Donnelly. Tough to get a word out of him. He’s got a wicked fastball though.

Cutest Couple: Andrew Hylant and Ryan Ashton. The only couple that Cleveland sports has brought together. #Believeland

Most Forgetful: Trent Teister. If your missing something, Trent has been missing it for 3 weeks longer then you have.

Most likely to mention Long Island during practice: Kevin Moriarty. It’s pronounced “wann-taww.”

As the season goes on, we’ll come up with other superlatives to doll out to our wonderful teammates. We’ll leave it at this for now.

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