Indiana High School Top 10 Poll

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In an effort to grow the game and increase exposure in the Hoosier state, Lacrosse Roads of America has begun covering high school lacrosse. This is our fourth top 10 poll.

A few notes:

Culver’s prep team is not included in either the coaches top 10 or the LRA top 10.

The LRA top 10 is ranked by IU coaches.

Not every coach voted, although all coaches were invited to vote.

Due to the Easter holiday, there was no poll last week.

Coaches’ Poll

1. Carmel (unanimous)

2. Cathedral

3. Zionsville

4. Noblesville

5. Center Grove

6. Park Tudor

7. Hamilton Southeastern

8. St. Joseph’s

9. Westfield

10. Bishop Chatard

LRA Poll

1. Carmel (unanimous)

2. Cathedral

3. Zionsville

4. Noblesville

5. St. Joseph’s

6. Park Tudor

7. Center Grove

8. Hamilton Southeastern

9. Westfield

10. Chatard

Assuming Carmel stays healthy, it’s their state title to lose. Solid goaltending, solid poles, too much offensive firepower. How much offensive firepower? They’ve scored 83 goals in the past 3 games.

IU coaches will be in Indianapolis tomorrow. Follow @412_lax for score updates.

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2 Responses to Indiana High School Top 10 Poll

  1. laxzebra October 18, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    I can understand the concern the NCAA has and why they might have chosen to enact this rule, BUT I feel this is a sin for the game of lacrosse.

    What other sport (especially team sport) did each individual athlete have with the amount of custom control in regards to their equipment? 
    – Football- wear the sponsored companies stuff. Most leagues required it to be team colors
    – Baseball- C’mon what is there too customize?
    – Soccer- Players don’t choose the ball type
    …I could go on.

    Granted, players can still dye their heads however they wish, which is awesome as I am someone that has never played with a plain white head. However, the creativity allowed in stringing is, in my mind, gone. On TLF, people would talk about the best shooter set-ups and people could come up with a lot (2 u’s, 1 straight and a nylon, 1U 2 straight and 2 nylon etc). Now I feel it’s a simple, nylon shooter, or “insert 1-3” straight shooters. How lame.

    What I’m about to say, may be completely wrong, although I play, I am not smart enough to know that this will have any actual impact on the game…
    On another note, how will this change the MLL? I feel no one has addressed this issue, which needs to be if people truly hope the MLL grows to be a professional sport on level with MLB, NBA, NHL (except lockouts), or the NFL. College sports is a breeding ground for these leagues and the MLL, even in its current state, is no different.
    However, in all these other leagues, some rules vary but the majority are the same with only minor changes like the 3point line being further back in the NBA or the hash marks being closer in the NFL. Whereas the MLL and NCAA now vary, I think significantly. The MLL still allows for U’s or V’s. In the coming years, rookies will join veterans in the MLL and be used to playing with only straights.
    Basically, in my mind, the MLL and NCAA lacrosse are growing in opposite directions. These are two completely different games. I think the MLL and NCAA need to work together, which would help grow the MLL as well.

  2. jayslax11 October 22, 2012 at 7:55 am #

    that was so helpful, thank you

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