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The Indiana high school all state teams were recently announced. Full list after the jump.

Players from Culver’s prep team is not included on this list but their “varsity” players were nominated.

First Team Attack
Brent Balek 12 Carmel
Josh Coons 4 Carmel
Brock Warner 9 Center Grove

Second Team Attack
Trenton Armitage 12 Guerin
Paul Garcia 11 Noblesville
Ben Sherman 9 Zionsville

Honorable Mention Attack
Ryan Broderick 4 Zionsville
William Wright 22 Homestead
Justin Mazany 17 LaPorte
Chip McCrimmon 1 Bloomington Club
Grant Nice 14 Brebeuf Jesuit
Adam Bridges 22 Cathedral
Luke Whitaker 11 Zionsville
John McConville 24 St. Joseph
Garrett Straton 13 Carmel
Jake Golden 1 Bishop Luers
Dustin Rhodes 7 Bishop Chatard
Tommy Blais 9 Bloomington Club
Dan Colvin 44 Bishop Luers
Jackson Tibbet 12 Roncalli
Tucker Sexton 3 Penn
Conner Roark 21 Center Grove
Zac Kush 10 Penn
Doug Gardner 2 Brebeuf Jesuit
Austin Cullison 4 Center Grove

First Team Midfield
Peter Smith 17 St. Joseph
Jonathan George 15 Carmel
Andy Wishart 18 Noblesville

Second Team Midfield
Wyatt Wood 21 Cathedral
Mitch Renfro 5 Guerin
Joseph Chitwood 19 Carmel
Joseph Vega 45 LaPorte

Honorable Mention Midfield
Luke Richter 9 Heritage Christian
Brian Nichter 7 Bishop Luers
Nick Woerner 25 Westfield
Blake Bennett 5 Center Grove
Jack Roberts 10 Brebeuf Jesuit
Aiden Jarmus 3 Homestead
Michael Mattei 23 Cathedral
Russell Smascz 32 Homestead
Elliott Metzler 8 Bloomington Club
Connor Karns 40 Noblesville
Duncan McGlincy 6 Brebeuf Jesuit
Johnny Scotto 7 Cathedral
Emery Rust 13 Bishop Chatard
Graham Murphy 25 St. Joseph
Jake Lamb 21 Penn
Zach Rawson 5 Zionsville
Ryan Ripp 82 Hamilton Southeastern
Nick Wampler 8 Zionsville
Alex Dodane 26 Culver Military
Ryan Gandy 8 Culver Military

First Team Defense
Colin Burnside 5 Cathedral
Luke Beebe 6 Zionsville
Phil Spoerle 30 Carmel

Second Team Defense
Paul Byzewski 30 St. Joseph
Max Groves 18 Bishop Chatard
David Strzelecki 24 Homestead

Honorable Mention Defense
Jeremy Gentner 8 Center Grove
Billy Veno 20 Carmel
Scott Purucker 44 Park Tudor
Ryan Cason 29 Carmel
Eric Speer 22 Brebeuf Jesuit
Mitch Misicko 47 Hamilton Southeastern
Austin Tarpley 18 LaPorte
Riley Pallikan 22 Heritage Christian
Nathan VanHoosier 30 Castle High School
Michael Davidson 13 Westfield
Harrison Rusk 31 Cathedral
Sam Hiss 14 Penn
Adam Clemens 10 Roncalli
Pablo Trevino 2 Bishop Luers
Dylan Madden 32 Castle High School
Spencer Lich 21 Bishop Chatard
Derek Salge 42 Zionsville
Keegan McFatridge 6 Center Grove

First Team Goalie
Ryan Spoonmore 13 Zionsville

Second Team Goalie
Alex Heger 26 Guerin

Honorable Mention Goalie
AJ Paluszny 18 Carmel
Christian Belote 2 Homestead
Mason Johnson 10 Center Grove
Elliot Buss 4 LaPorte
Brock Frazer 25 Culver Military
Austin Helm 4 Westfield
Gabe Driebelbis 36 Southport

First Team Long Stick Middie
Paul Kitchen 27 Carmel

Second Team Long Stick Middie
Christian Simon 66 Zionsville

Honorable Mention Long Stick Middie
Ryan Parmater 11 Penn
Eric Croft 20 Center Grove
Elliott Metzler 8 Bloomington Club
Kevin Kruszewski 12 St. Joseph
Caleb Jadrich 7 Culver Military
CJ Lewis 43 Homestead
Daniel Sahm 17 Bishop Chatard

First Team Face Off Middie
Jonathan George 15 Carmel

Second Team Face Off Middie
Graham Murphy 25 St. Joseph

Honorable Mention Face Off Middie
Charles Plasterer 11 Center Grove
Patrick Iafrato 35 Guerin
Jack Roberts 10 Brebeuf Jesuit
Tommy Blais 9 Bloomington Club
Justin Bennett 3 Bishop Chatard
Ryan Ripp 82 Hamilton Southeastern
Jake Lamb 21 Penn


Are you surprised by the abundance of honorable mention players? Don’t be. Only the Catholic school conference names an all-conference team.

Carmel’s Jonathan George was named first team middie and first team face off. Sounds like an All American season. How many Carmel kids will be named AA?

Second team attack Paul Garcia (Noblesville) is committed to Indiana.

Three more players on this list are coming to Indiana but as of today are undecided about joining the program.

The state finals conclude this weekend with Carmel meeting Hamilton Southeastern and Cathedral playing Zionsville. Carmel beat HSE 17-3 earlier this season. Zionsville beat Cathedral 15-11.

Carmel has allowed double digit goals only twice this season on their way to a 17-1 record. They beat New Trier 14-10 and lost to Culver’s prep team 19-6. The Hounds are the overwhelming favorites to repeat as state champs.

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