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I Will Not Title This Post ‘Walking In Memphis’

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An exciting weekend awaits us in Memphis, TN and a super big IU thanks to Adrenaline.

Any reason to feature Derrick Rose is a good one.

Volunteer Invitational

Tennessee was kind enough to invite us to an unbelievable event that is sure to have Memphis going crazy over some quality lacrosse. We can’t thank them enough for letting us be a part of it. The atmosphere is sure to be electric despite the chance of showers. We have 3 games in 3 days. What does this weekend mean to our team? It will set the tone for the rest of the season.

Winning 3 games in as many days may seem like a tough venture, and believe me, it is. However, in this case every team has to play the same amount of games, so no excuses. Friday night we begin with Tennessee. I can guarantee you that we will not be taking this team lightly, despite having two victories the previous two times we have played them. None of that matters. Each time I have played them the games have been very evenly matched and we found out if you aren’t careful with them, they are capable of putting you away early. It will be a good early test and hopefully we figure ourselves out a little bit more and walk away with a W.

Note: They commended us on our blogging. We will commend them on their first post. Quality stuff.

Saturday and Sunday we have UCONN and Texas A&M, respectively. No one on our squad has ever faced either of these teams before so it is kind of up in the air. I know absolutely nothing about UCONN except what Shagi has mentioned, and we are all aware of the program history of Texas A&M. If nothing else, I think it’s safe to say that no game this weekend will be a walk in the park. As long as we come out there and stick to what we have been working on in practice, we will be able to find success this weekend.

How excited are we? I think we are organizing a team Carlton when we get off the bus.

Adrenaline Lacrosse

I was driving home to Northbrook for spring break when I received a phone call from Jeff Brunelle, co-founder of the most rad website in the world. He informed me of a little surprise the IU team had in store from the guys over at Adrenaline. How fun.

When I returned back to Bloomingdales, this guy was sitting indian style waiting for me patiently.

Oh, what ever could it be?

By now you probably already know what it is, seeing as a certain person related to our team knows about everything that’s on the internet…36 hours before it’s on the internet.

Either way, this was the scene after Monday night’s practice:

One thing I would like to point out that I think has been overlooked is the fact that Adrenaline went the extra mile for us. They didn’t just send us any old stock pair of socks. They took the time to look up the official IU Crimson and create a design that is IU specific. Myself and the IU lacrosse team as a whole can not thank them enough for showing us an amazing amount of support and class. Bracket participants may be receiving some of the extra pairs that we have as prizes.

Here are some pictures:

Box loaded to the top

WOOOO 2 different kinds!

And a bonus crew neck sweatshirt. CREW NECK!

I’ve only worn it everyday this week. Probably won’t wear it again until tomorrow.

+125 for Adrenaline lacrosse.

Helfrich’s House

Beatport is better than HypeM, there I said it. So happy to have come across this wonder. Impatient? Start at 1:15.

Items of Sorts

All of us like coach’s idea for a “notes” section, we just don’t want to seem like copiers. So…”Items of Sorts”.

Fairly certain we featured Rebecca Black first, though!

Tennessee has also started blogging on MCLA Fan. Battle of the Blogs ’11!

Steven Brooks to Glenbrook North?? YES! wait, the article says SOUTH! NOOOOOOOOOOOO. How could the Pioneer Press make such a misleading mistake.

Have I mentioned we are going to Carlton when we get off the bus?

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4 Responses to I Will Not Title This Post ‘Walking In Memphis’

  1. Michael Shagi March 24, 2011 at 11:25 pm #

    you don’t have to title it that because i’ll be singing it all weekend

  2. Zach Trefzger March 25, 2011 at 6:15 am #

    moving like bernie off the bus, no questions asked


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