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Hi, I’m A Hockey Player But I’m Playing Golf Today

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The saga continues…

Junior Year

Freshman and Sophomore year I didn’t really play a whole lot. The time that I did play it was strictly offense and sprint off for a pole. Basically, I was a fourth attackman. That would come to change junior year.

Coming into junior year we had very high expectations for ourselves. We had solid senior leadership all over the field (Mike Gedvilas: midfield, Garrett Stack: defense, Matt Homa: D middie) and we had very good role players. The season seemed bright. A strong freshman class complimented this group as we had two worthy freshman starting attackmen. Our thought was that this was going to be one of the best IU teams for some time because almost all of the key freshmen had stayed from the year before. We also had Coach Karweck back for his third year. Though, most of us knew he was most likely on his way out after the year. We wanted him to go out with a bang.

We decided it was time to put an end to our old wardrobe. No one wants to wear the 1975 football team practice jerseys anyway. Therefore, we spoke with Elevation about revamping our linens.


CPX no more. Pro 7s for the IU squad. Mr. Shagi with a shot on the run. Our helmets were prime last year, if I do say so myself.

Will probably got hurt on this play. After having Brine Defts for two years, I loved the King IIs we got more than this kid loves…well, edible items.

funny gifs

Mike Gedvilas

Last but certainly not least, take a gander at the full suit. Do a lot of people have the Six Nations? Yes. Do they all look as clean as this? No. The state logo with the IU brings it all together on the shorts. A classy set. This years kit is also extremely noteworthy, we’ll discuss next week.

Feeling fresh and clean, we were ready to start the season. As I said, I had dabbled at midfield a bit the previous 2 seasons, but this season I was put on a line with Gedvilas (our leading scorer) and Shagi, which meant I would be carrying a heavy load of the midfield. It read like this: Hi, I’m an attackman but I’m playing midfield today. I had to learn a lot in a short amount of time.

We had a stellar start, beating Vanderbilt 16-6 and winning our scrimmage against middle tennessee by a hefty margin. We then went out to Tennessee to take on the Volunteers and Tennessee Wesleyan. We beat the then ranked Vols 8-5 and spirits were at an all time high. But how quickly things can change. Not 24 hours later, we had a game against MCLA D2 Tennessee Wesleyan that occurred at 9 am. Nothing good ever comes out of early morning games. We were ashamed of ourselves after losing 6-5 to them. Their stats say the goalie made 30 saves. Sorry, that didn’t happen. We missed the cage about 100 times. If missing the goal counts as a save, then have at it. 30 saves.

The rest of the season went on with that on our shoulders, knowing we missed a shot at the national polls. We had a midseason crisis where we simply couldn’t score, but we ended up being able to pull out the necessary wins and made it to the conference tournament. We also lost to Purdue, not fun.

Conference tournament time in O’Fallon, IL. This was about the time I really became interested in Twitter. I decided it would be sort of comical to hash tag #nowplayingatthegrlctournament and include the song that was currently playing. The song choices were a mess, hence the comedy. Some of the players still give me a hard time about that to this day. I would do it again if I had the choice.

We played Kansas in the first round. We started the game, then it started thunderstorming (what is it with us and bad weather?) and we had to postpone the second half until the next morning. We came out with an 11-5 victory.

Next we played Illinois. We had a hard fought game in Bloomington against them about a month prior and we knew we had a decent shot at winning. The game went back and forth. We threw a whole different offensive set that we hadn’t shown before, and it worked to our advantage as we had significantly more possession time than we had in our previous game with them. We had the ball with 45 seconds left and ran a play that got Matt Anderson open coming around the cage from x for a time and room. Shot hit the post. Game over. We lose 6-5.

Just like that, our shot at Denver was tarnished, Coach Karweck was gone, and we’d have to figure out what we were going to do for next season.

Next week, senior year. More so leading up to it and the changes that have occurred. Won’t know the results until May.

Championship Weekend

I don’t like thinking about playing my last game ever in about 2 months, whenever our last game may be. I’m not a very emotional person, but I will be sad. High school was different because I knew I was going to play in college. Where do I go from here? A summer club team? It’s just not the same. However, I will have the comfort in knowing that a bright pasture awaits beyond the horizon.

My dad recently gave me a call and said he had some good news, he had worked out my graduation gift. He said, “Are you at your computer? Pull up the seating chart at M&T Bank Stadium.” Those words made my eyes light up and my heart rate went unhealthily (word?) high. He informed me that we would be attending the National Championship games on labor day weekend. What a treat. What a joy. I couldn’t ask for a better gift. Lets go Bratton brothers, I want to see you play live.  We will be sitting in section 153. An exquisite viewing area.

We attended the games when I was in 8th grade. It was an absolute blast but we could only watch the semi finals because of other items on the agenda for the weekend. This time, it’s all lacrosse and I couldn’t be more excited.

Thanks, dad. Can’t wait for the adventure.

High Quality Goals

To the Champions League!

Messi-ing people up (get it?). Insane.


Announcer Ranking: strong to quite strong

Sorry for the poorer quality video, it was the only one on youtube with the good announcer.

Helfrich’s House

This is just a happy song. The tune at 0:46 is solid, the drop at 1:17 will have you raging. Just wait till you’re blasting this in your car.

Have a rad Thursday.

Derrick Rose will be MVP, here’s proof.

2011 World Series Champions Chicago Cubs.

Spring Break is upon us, which means shooting all day in the backyard in Northbrook.

What was worse, the refs lack of action or the St. John’s player deciding to throw the ball into the stands?

Jac Coyne had a killer article about our first win and beyond.

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