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Happy Friday Spring Breakers

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Spring Break. What a magical time of the year. I’ve never been a classic spring breaker kind of guy, but this year I am doing it right. Let me break down my grand adventure coming up for all you math pentathlon nerds out there:

7 Bro’s + 1 Suburban + 3 days in the Smokey Mountains + 4 days at D’Tona beach – 4 for mathematical purposes = SB’11

It is 33 degrees and snowishing here in Bloomington, so this trip will be a welcomed relief. I hope you all have plans you are excited about as well. Maybe even as excited as these guys:

I typed “Spring Break” into google images and got that result. I think that picture does a really great job of summing up “spring break.” Well done, google images. Just imagine the lead up to this photo:

Bro1: Dude, we were like, at so many clubs last night.

Bro2: Ya bro, I’m like totally leaving on all of my wrist bands so all these chicks will know, like, that I like, go out and party.

Bro1: Ya man! Maybe some chicks who like, aren’t quit 21 but are still older than your little sister so it’s okay to talk to them will, like, see that we have all these wrist bands from clubs and, like, they’ll have us buy them alcy!

Note: This may be the moment you’d expect the high five, but not quite.

Bro2: Dude. You’ll never believe what I just remembered.

Bro1: What dude????

Bro2: I BROUGHT MY VORTEX FOOTBALL!!! It’s totally in the back of my rav4. We can totally throw it at each other in the water and like throw it long on purpose and have an excuse to swim up by babes!

Not yet…

Bro1: Dude right on! Bro, I just realized that we’re swimming and this awesome authentic hat I bought from that little shack on the beach is totally staying on my head!

Bro2: Sick dude! So are my Oakley’s that my parents bought me for getting three A’s and two B’s in high school that one semester!!

*Cue high-five

Oh well. Have fun on Spring Break.

Indiana Basketball lost again last night for the last time this season. As sad as I am that the season is over, it’s about time this season ended. Hopefully the good things that are said to be coming shortly to Indiana Basketball will live up to the hype and we can get back on the road to the glory days. The Glory Days as represented by this picture, in all of it’s glory:

I’ll take a poster of that picture please. Actually, just make it wall paper. No paint can do better covering my walls. Fun fact for ya, I used to mow the lawn of one of the members on the undefeated ’76 Hoosiers squad.

What’s up with the 5-hour energy commercials? I mean really, these things seem pretty popular. Like, the company must be pretty profitable. Why are they airing commercials that I could have made in a garage… by myself… in the year 1993… when I was four. Step it up 5-hour energy.

Goal Celebration

My friend recently logged me onto his Netflix account. I have been very entertained lately and managed to down Season 5 of Futurama in two days. During normal weeks this feat would be impossible, but with class mostly optional this week and no Thursday lax practice I was ready to get my television on. Anyways whatever, I found my new goal celebration for the year:


Sorry to make this post so short-n-sweet, but I need to sift through all of my lax pinnies and find the 3 or 4 that I will be rotating throughout the day on the beach this year.

Swim trunks? check

Lax pinnies? check

Lax stick? check

I’m good to go. Well wait, SB’11 tunes?


Be safe nerds.

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