Halloween Practice: Costume Close-Ups

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If you haven’t been following along, we had our first annual halloween costume scrimmage on Friday. A great time was had by all. You saw the team pic on 412, but I’ve got some costume close-ups. Without further ado:

Matt Anderson as "A Sunflower Wearing a Funny Hat." The hat was on his helmet, and yes it was a straw hat.

Iphone blurred out on me here. But that's RC Aikens as "Laa-Laa."

Jeff Redish as "Lax Cowboy"

Emmitt Dillon as "Guy in Morphsuit"

Jon Teng as "Adam"

That would be me. "Backwards Man"

Pants were on backwards too. Here’s the inspiration:

If you see Dan Helfrich today, tomorrow, or any other day for that matter, mention this.

It was nice to see you this weekend Daniel. Too bad you couldn’t enjoy Avicii.

His encore song from my perspective:

Phone memory ran out shortly after he dropped it. Opened with Fade into Darkness:

Enjoy. Another new blogger coming this week. Follow us on twitter.

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