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I’m very excited to introduce our first guest post of the season. Many of my teammates will be featured on this blog throughout the season in different capacities, and today we are starting with my fellow middie Dave Haggerty. Haggerty is our resident EDM (Electronic Dance Music) expert and hipster, although he doesn’t embrace the name. If you see our team on the street on any given day you can find Haggerty just by looking for the best dressed of the group. He also has become somewhat of the team stick doctor. But that’s a post for another day. Full creative license for this post was given, so expect some great commentary on the team. Without further ado, Dave Haggerty.


Hello World, (round of applause for my tech nerds out there)

My name is David Haggerty and I’m a freshman from Orland Park, Illinois. I’m a Biology and Math major that has been playing lacrosse since 5th grade.  If that doesn’t mean anything to you, you might know me as “that guy bouncing on his butt” from our Harlem Shake video. Over the last few weeks, Eaton’s blog posts have been a hot commodity among the team. Endless amounts of inside jokes are developing among the team from our addiction to social media. Naturally, I thought it would be a good idea to start blogging about the team’s tomfoolery and give y’all a behind the scenes look at Indiana Lacrosse.

The recent fame propelling the team into the stratosphere over our Harlem Shake video has made us celebrities on campus, or at least some of us think we are. To keep the ball rolling, on the bus ride to Indianapolis last weekend, another social media breakthrough was invented: #alexeast. While the identity of Alex East is unknown to the general public, the hashtag embodies the core values of every lacrosse player. Toughness, speed, and desire to win are the foundation of every serious player, but if you play the sport, you know being a lax bro extends to life off the field too. This isn’t just a hashtag, it is a way of life. When a goalie makes a clutch save, when a midfielder lets one fly from 18 yards, when you upload the best pregame EDM mix to your iPod, when you rock your lax pinnie and Ray Bans on a sizzling summer day next to a pool full of beautiful women (insert warrior advertisement here), #alexeast is the perfect way to let everyone know you’re awesome. Others have their trademarks: the Greeks have #TFM, the nerds have #premedproblems, but nothing will ever equate to #alexeast. Just to give a few examples:

“Tonight is going to be all kinds of #alexeast”

“Good players, better citizens #alexeast”

So go ahead, whenever you do something phenomenal and need to let the world know – #alexeast. The team will be following the hashtag as the year progresses and retweet the best usages.

Don’t forget to follow me (@dhaggerty14) for more updates about the team and make sure to follow @LaxRoadsAmerica because I said so!

David Haggerty #14



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