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Friday = Game Day + Current Events

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Nihao, kai-lan. Yes, yes it is indeed a SUPER GAME DAY.

Game tonight in Indianapolis at 8:30pm. Location is Park Tudor High School for all my fans still in Indianapolis looking to see some IU Lax. Be right back, the record is skipping.

Shame. It was such a good song too. Anyways. Yeah game tonight, really pumped to have some hometown people out, parents, grandparents, friends, you know. Last year we actually played at my old high school, Heritage Christian, against Ball State. I played horribly. I was just too excited. Hoping not to do that again.

Enough about that. It’s Friday. Good day to become educated before the weekend on some..

Current Events

America’s Finest

U.S. Congressman David Wu (D-Oregon) recently announced that he was hospitalized after his 2008 campaign due to funny reactions to a common mental health drug. “It came up that afternoon, and it knocked me off my can,” Wu said, referring to the symptoms. Poor old Representative Wu has been having some trouble since then, too. In 2010 several of his staffers quit due to angry outbursts he frequently had and he is also going through a pending divorce. All of this is said to not be accredited to his mental health problem, which is apparently very common. You kind of have to feel bad for the guy at this point, right? Things are falling apart in his home and profession all for a mental health problem that had him hospitalized in 2008 due to illness from the prescribed drugs. Okay. That’s how I felt at this point in the story. Then, the news came out that he very randomly decided to send this picture to his staffers in 2010. Like, completely on a whim, the people working to support a United States Congressman received this picture message:

David Wu

Yes. That is indeed Representative Wu. Serving Americans in Congress. On a regular dose of crazy pills, dressed up in a tiger onesie that he photographed himself in. Arms raised, grin on the face. And, honestly, I think he earned my support…

I hope his staffers give him one of these when they see him again:


In global news, something very ironic went down in Belgium this week.

Apparently 2-year-old boy was wandering the streets with no shoes and no jacket. Some people saw him and went door-to-door to track down where he was supposed to be. They found the people, the very irresponsible parents of a man whose girlfriend had dropped them off there. The reason the girlfriend dropped them off there is pretty priceless. According to the article, “The boy’s mother told police she’d left the boy and a 4-month-old girl in the care of two others while she attended parenting classes.” I mean honestly. Couldn’t you come up with something better then that? You’re kid was just found wondering the streets of Belgium shoeless and you admit that you weren’t watching him because you were at a Parenting Class???? At least she didn’t tell the cops that she wasn’t watching him because she was trying to track down a few of her other toddlers roaming into France for the weekend. Some people… Story is Here.

Not Cool, Costco

This last news story is maybe the grossest thing I’ve heard in awhile. I don’t even know how to set this one up or analyze it in a way that would present any satisfaction for you all. I’ll just drop the statistics on you from a recent study of shopping carts published in usatoday…

“72% of the carts (sampled) had a positive marker for fecal bacteria”

“they found Escherichia coli, also known as E. coli, on half”

That’s great. If the crap on your shopping cart handle doesn’t bother you, maybe the E. coli will. Now be honest, have you ever in your life used a shopping cart, and then eaten something or put your hands in your mouth without washing you hands? If you answered yes, then welcome to the I.A.P.C. (I Ate Poop Club.) Sickos. And for all of you progressive lax bros goin’ green or whatever, heads up for those trendy shopping bags. The researcher called those suckers a “bacteria swamp.” Source.

Alright. I gotta go. Game to play. Soon. For my parting gift, check out a cool video of a former All-State and an All-American lacrosse player here in Bloomington getting it done with style on the music front. Can you guess which is which?

More on the best band in Bloomington/my entourage* here, including some free downloads.

*I call them my entourage rather then my friends because last year I made fun of the show Entourage on a bus ride home from games and some laxbro said: “You just don’t get in Manderson, you never had a real entourage growing up like we did.” I cried the rest of the way home.

Reminds of a similarly natured comment I got in my very first collegiate scrimmage ever. As a freshman, we scrimmaged D3 Trine College or University or whatever in beautiful (not so much) Angola, Indiana. Some ultra bro d pole was guarding me on the crease. While the ball was nowhere near us, he poke checks me right in the gut and says, in his most manly bro voice, “Welcome To College!”

…if only my entourage would have been there…

How in shape would your lax team be if you were the Obama’s?

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