Four Hoosiers Make All Conference

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Two seniors and two freshmen named to the GRLC All Conference teams.

Congratulations to senior Matt Anderson (Heritage Christian, IN) for being named GRLC All-Conference First Team Attack.

Also, senior attackman James Maher (Montclair, NJ), freshman defender Jake Brooks (Thomas Jefferson, VA), and freshman middie Colin Donnelly (Cathedral, IN) made the Honorable Mention Team.

Matt finished with a career high 42 goals this season. He scored a 128 goals and added 25 assists over four years. James was the best feeder we had over the last two years. A lot of Matt’s goals came off of assists from James who finished his career with 36 goals and 58 assists.

We hope Jake and Colin can have a strong off season so they make the 2nd or 1st team next year as sophomores.


Full GRLC list below.

First Team

Attack                                     Palen Rhodes             Purdue

Attack                                     Nick Troll                    Kansas

Attack                                     Matt Anderson          Indiana

Midfield                                  Rhys Southworth      Illinois

Midfield                                  Jay Morgan                Iowa

Midfield                                  Sean Leahy                Purdue

Faceoff                                    Noah Bond                 Wisconsin

Defensive Midfield                Josh Nelson                Missouri

Long Stick Midfield               Chris Heim                 Missouri

Defense                                  Chris Holmes             Illinois

Defense                                  Kevin Gildea              Wisconsin

Defense                                  Austin Smith              Iowa

Goalie                                      Brian Wright              Kansas


Second Team

Attack                                     Dan Dickson               Illinois

Attack                                     Matt Vollmer              Missouri

Attack                                     Ryan MacGregor        Wisconsin

Midfield                                  Gerry Leonard           Missouri

Midfield                                  Evan O’Brien             Kansas

Midfield                                  Ben McClellan            Illinois

Faceoff                                    Nate Coburn              Illinois

Defensive Midfield                Max Mohr                  Illinois

Long Stick Midfield               August Thiede           Wisconsin

Defense                                  Sean Forrest              Illinois

Defense                                  Pat Driscoll                 Illinois

Defense                                  Clayton Cruthirds     Missouri

Goalie                                      Matt Walker               Illinois


Honorable Mention

Attack                                     Sam Weinstein          Illinois

Attack                                     James Maher             Indiana

Attack                                     Ethan Farris               Wisconsin

Midfield                                  Colin Donnelly           Indiana

Midfield                                  Dean Pohlman           Wisconsin

Midfield                                  Connor Gatenby        Iowa

Long Stick Midfield               Peter Reilly                Illinois

Defense                                  Jacob Brooks              Indiana

Defense                                  Andrew Goelz              Wisconsin

Defense                                  Ethan Payer               Missouri

Goalie                                      Blake Chamberlain   Purdue

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