First Day Jitters

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Meeting Time

Soooooooo we had our first meeting yesterday night at 8pm. Helfrich and McClain were suspiciously absent. Looks like they aren’t making the team.

It was the first time we had officially met as a team and the first time all the prospective new guys had a chance to formally meet each other and the coaches.

Overall it was a positive evening. Coach T dished out all the important info that we’re going to need over the next few weeks. Team Presidents Sam Sudakoff and RC Aikens were introduced. (Can’t stress enough how important these guys are. A successful MCLA team starts with top-notch student leadership.) All the returners got a chance to casually say hello to each other after a long summer off. Sammy G wore an aggressive shirt. Good times had by all.


This meeting featured a few new pieces of information for the returners about the upcoming season. The evaluation/tryout period for this fall is going to be different than any other we’ve had in the past. The last three years it has been as simple as a two day tryout followed by the immediate start of fall ball. This season will operate a bit differently. We’re going to have our two or three day evaluation/tryout period. However, after that time no one will be officially “cut.” Instead, Coach will send out weekly depth charts so that each player knows where he stands after that week of training. I like this idea because it encourages people to stick with the team and constantly improve on their individual performance. You could have a bad few days of practice and be at the bottom of the depth chart one week, and give yourself the opportunity for redemption the next week. All about getting better.

Hoops… and Lax?

Lebron, Carmelo, Chris Paul, and KDurant played in an exhibition basketball game yesterday in Bal’more for some reason. This was organized by Carmelo as some sort of “DC vs. Baltimore” rivalry game. Lebron played for the Baltimore team, but he’s from Cleveland and plays for the Miami Heat. Chris Paul is from North Carolina and plays for the New Orleans Hornets. It’s a great idea by Carmelo, poor execution. People in that area really appreciate the local players that have made it big. Carmelo is an icon in Baltimore just as Durant is an icon in DC. Lebron and CP3 should have been nowhere near this game. Get real local legends like Steve Francis, Rudy Gay, Roy Hibbert, and Sam Cassell. THAT would be a game that the locals could really get into.

How bout a DC vs. Baltimore exhibition lacrosse game? Imagine all the Prep/Landon/St.Albans/Dematha alumni squaring off against St.Pauls/Gilman/Boy’s Latin/Loyola guys. I don’t even have enough space to list all the great players to come from those areas. Real pride would be involved. Could be more exciting than the MLL championship. No, will be more exciting than the MLL championship.


Enjoy your third day of school. Make sure you work just as hard as this guy.

He’s the coach, the point guard, the center, the two forwards…. and the other guard. He’s the entire organization.

Happy Hump Day

Best friends, Paper Towels.

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