Super Bowl XLVI

Epicenter of Awesome

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Super Bowl XLVI











Part of going to school in the Midwest is knowing that you should go to class with an umbrella, winter jacket, pants, and a pair of shorts because the weather changes faster than a Kyle Wharton time and room shot. Following a week showcasing a lovely ice storm, we have the pleasure of enjoying temperatures in the 60’s today. Love the weather, not loving the allergy-type symptoms I get from all the extreme weather changes. Having the opportunity to play in Mellencamp is nice because the weather in Bloomington is so spastic.

It’s Super Bowl week! In between locking myself in my room and crying because the Jets suck and the Giants or Patriots are going to be Super Bowl champs, I’ve been checking up on some of the events going on up in Indianapolis. I don’t think any city goes quite as hard or starts the Super Bowl party quite as early as Naptown. A lot of that probably has to do with the fact that there is literally nothing else to do in Indianapolis except going to high school basketball games or watching the Pacers. I know the Pacers are good this year but that team has zero personality.

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Super Bowl XLVI

The Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis









The Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis is being called “The Epicenter of Awesome.” It features the longest temporary zipline in the United States. If you didn’t think that was awesome enough, B-List comedian Mike Epps will be there to make you laugh occasionally. You can see all the mayhem for yourself by looking at the webcams. Jim Rome said that Sunday night felt like the Wednesday before the Super Bowl because of how much raging was going on outside his hotel.

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I probably won’t be making my way to the village and I probably won’t pay too much attention to the game this year. I do really want to ride on that zipline though. Happy February, the season is drawing near. Unless you go to school in the south in which case you probably have a game in three days. MCLA problems.

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