Divisional Matchups Commence

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Miami game tomorrow. Sweet new lax vid from our favorite YouTuber.


Tomorrow is our first GRLC game that matters. We are playing Miami (OH), who is a much improved team over the past few years. My freshman year we beat them easily 15-4. Sophomore year we didn’t play them. Last year was a pretty decent game with us coming out victorious 8-5. It’s going to be a tough game and they are going to want to get even after last year. We have stressed all season that our record is essentially meaningless until the final 3 games of the season. Now it starts. In our minds we are 0-0. We have one more practice tonight to be ready. Conditions are supposed to be sloppy for the game. Alternatives may need to be figured out in regards to location.

This is what our season culminates to. It’s essentially win or go home from here on out. Excited to reach our full potential.

Note: we are 0-0…with an asterisk on Purdue.


Josh Lane is back providing more fantastic video editing and lax. His newest video chronicles the first half of this NCAA lacrosse season. Enjoy.

The Emery snipe and Syracuse around the world are some of the best I’ve ever seen. Already excited for the “Best of College Lacrosse 2011”, which will be uploaded after the championship in May (judging by when BoCL 2009 and 2010 were released).

Chicago Sports

Tons happening for the chi teams. Bulls and Blackhawks tonight looking to continue their postseasons. Hawks, the gold jacket’s yours, Vancouver’s gonna choke!


Steve Bartman’s, Northbrook, IL native, film is arriving. Can’t wait to see that. This inspired me to go looking for the video of the best home run to date. I was at this game.

We were in right field for this one. Never seen a ball so high in the air while leaving the stadium. In fact, here’s a nice illustration of the trajectory of the ball.

You think Glenallen was on steroids? I’ll indirectly answer this question. His mass enabled him only capable of a half swing, as seen in the video. It’s a tie between him and Rod Beck for my favorite to wear cubby blue.

103 years makes me sad, the Duck Sauce – Barbara Streisand video makes me happy.

Off to practice.


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    babs is mine, hands off


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