Can You Feel It?

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I can feel it coming in the air tonight.


This is a very important week in terms of Indiana lacrosse.  With a big weekend coming up everyone on the team can start feeling it.  Tennessee, UConn, as well as Texas A&M all on the schedule for the weekend, it’s going to be an exciting weekend for Indiana lacrosse.  These are going to be our first big games since the Virgina Tech and Wake Forest weekend.  We have had a lot of down time from that weekend, just over a month to be exact.  But those games were still able to teach us what to work on and make us better as a team.  Now on to this weekend. It’s going to be a long weekend, a warm weekend, and possibly stormy weekend, but no matter what, it should be a lot of fun for everyone.  It also should be another learning opportunity for all the younger guys on the team.

During the summers in high school it is normal to play two and possibly three games in just one day.  But in college it’s a bit harder to play two games in two days, or even three in as many days.  Everyone is bigger and faster, and likes to hit a lot more, it takes a toll on your body that is just so much more now than it was in high school.  That means you need to be prepared for the weekend, Advil and ice are a must have, and of course lots of fluids.  The young guys on the team might have learned that our first weekend against Virgina Tech and Wake Forest, but that was a month ago, so that means they probably forgot what it felt like Saturday after the Wake game. I already have my Advil in the bottle and my ice on ice for the weekend.

That is Ice on Ice



That doesn’t really roll of the tongue, but I’m sure someone can come up with something better to explain the out of control craziness of March college basketball.  Everyone has a bracket, including President Obama, and everyone is a basketball fan for at least a week and a half, it is probably the best time of the year for sports.  I have argued that it might be the biggest thing in the world of sports, even bigger than that “sport” in Europe with the ball and kicking and lots of falling.  Every year I make a bracket, some times I do well, other times I do not.  This year I have not done well, but my entire East region is correct, my Golden Eagles are killing it.  And Coach Buzz Williams is probably one of the best in the NCAA tournament he is the man.



There are lots of things in March, lacrosse is one of them, as well as spring breaks and who doesn’t like a break from everything in spring?  Lots of people go to southern states where it is much warmer than the north, I went to Ann Arbor.  It is much north of Bloomington, but it was a beautiful week and I got to spend it with some of my best friends.  Not too many crazy stories, but I did get to see my friend Joe Hrusovsky play for the Wolverines.  He is good, trust me.

There is also:


BASEBALL (sort of)

NFL MEETINGS (exciting.. Not really)


MY TWITTER (I am awesome)


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  1. Shaw March 21, 2011 at 10:56 pm #

    The first year I’ve ever gone away from a Marquette/Wisconsin final they decide to come out and play.


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