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Big News in the Big Ten

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Huge news out of the Big Ten Monday. Both men’s and women’s lacrosse are now officially Big Ten sports. Not only that, but Johns Hopkins is joining as an affiliate for men’s lacrosse only. Hop will round out the six team requirement for a conference bid and automatic qualifier. As far as how it pertains to us at IU and other Big Ten schools, check out Coach Tumbas’ take.

Personally, I think it is a great start for the conference. You have to look at something like this long-term. Lacrosse is not a money making sport, so as much as lacrosse fans want growth, that will be a big deterrent when it comes to schools adding a program. That also isn’t considering Title IX implications.

College lacrosse programs aren’t Jiffy Pop.

You can’t put a little heat on the fire and expect it to balloon. This is going to take time. But as cynical as I sound, that doesn’t mean I’m not excited for what this could mean. It is a big step to have a Big Ten presence in lacrosse, especially if you consider Michigan coming from the MCLA to Division One. They proved it is a possibility, and a possible avenue of transition for other schools. The Big Ten has a big presence in MCLA lacrosse, and our teams are getting better every year. Yes, it may be a while, but progress is a process.

IU Football Helmets

That video has created a lot of chatter, both positive and negative. Although the state flag design looks oddly familiar… it was the chrome candy-stripe helmet that has garnered all the attention. Looks like the players definitely approve, while the media had mixed reviews to offer. My personal favorites are the classic design and state flag. But again, I’m a proponent of the classic look when it comes to sports uniforms.


What do you think of the new buckets? Good, gross, too much Oregon going around? Who will be the next Big Ten team to go Division One?

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