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Ferocious amounts of winning in Bloomington. Awesome weather, NEW IU GEAR!, Coach DeMars getting engaged!, NEW IU GEAR!, NEW IU GEAR!

We are all well aware of the Charlie Sheen craze. Still can’t get enough of the 20/20 special that aired two nights ago. What’s not to enjoy? He’s an F-18 bomber, bro, makes EPIC runs, and wins constantly. That’s how he rolls. Therefore, I’m glad to dedicate a post title to him. Go check out 412’s Charlie Sheen contest. Though the winner has already been announced, some of the responses are most supreme.

Yesterday’s post featured this image:

Coach Tumbas is the best thing to happen to this program since sliced bread….that phrase actually doesn’t work in this situation. When in Rome. Without him none of this would be possible. That being said, why didn’t he ever mention he was lead singer of Journey, Steve Perry?? It’s the hair.

Adidas Gear

Adidas straight hooked us up with some nasty looking travel suits. Everyone at LRA is pumped about the paramount quality they provided. The best part about them is the material. It’s like a heavier dri-ft/under armour type feel, unlike most track suits that sport the cheaper looking windbreaker type material. Now when I walk, people can’t hear me from 300 yards away. Stealth. Check ’em:

Jacket Front


Front Logo

Jacket Back

Pants Front (the pockets have zippers, wallets will never be lost again)

Pants Logo

Pants Back

Full Suit

Very official. Very chic. Very posh. Thanks again, Adidas. Great work.

Track Suit Ranking: Winning

Top Lacrosse YouTube Account

A few days ago we tweeted about YouTube user Josh Lane (jlproductions3). They make the best lacrosse highlight videos you will ever see. I have to wonder, however, if ESPN happened to feel the same way. This year, ESPN decided to use 30 Seconds to Mars – Closer to the Edge as the lacrosse theme song. This video was uploaded March 30th, 2010:

Did this video influence ESPN’s song choice? It’s probably just a coincidence. I like to give the little guy the benefit of the doubt. I think they are part of the reason for it. The video has been liked and jlproductions3 has been subscribed to. Love their work. Can’t wait for the 2011 mid-season highlights.

Mel Kiper’s Best Available

Monday night Mel Kiper’s Best Available had the third round playoff match up. We were playing against a team called Pi Kapps B. I think they were a sorority or something. We handled them easily.

Last night was a tougher challenge.  The first game was at 7 o’clock. We were missing one of our better players because he had something to do for a class. The other team had a height advantage on us so we decided to run a 2-3 zone. Turns out they were not very good outside shooters. We won by 18. The next game we had to play was at 9 o’clock. Everyone was tired from the first game, but the kid who couldn’t play in the first game was able to play for the second. They were a decently athletic team with a 6’6″ guy down low. We stuck with the 2-3. Going into half we were down 28-27. At that point, I had to leave because we had lacrosse practice at 10. I received two texts that read “up 11, 8 mins. left” and “we won by 7”. What an extraordinary string of texts. Also, I’ve never seen worse officials in my life. We got called twice for a foul while standing behind the post player because “if you have two hands on a player at all, it’s a foul”. I have played basketball for a long time, and I have never once heard that rule. ON TO THE FINAL FOUR!

Next Game: Friday, 7 pm. Going to Assembly Hall for the championship if we win.

Helfrich’s House

Switchin’ it up this week. I’ve posted some strong house songs the last few posts. Let’s go throw back to this particular band’s best album and, in my opinion, best song. Say what you want. This album is classic.

Have a rad Thursday.



Brandon Davies NOOOOOOOOOO!

Charlie Sheen’s 24 hours on Twitter has to be a Guinness record.

Hopefully Sheen’s winning attitude will rub off on us against Ball State tomorrow.



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